Bin Lid Latch

Bin lid latches

Stop rubbish escaping from your bins

Prevent animals from eating your rubbish and waste from spilling into the waterway and streets with a bin lid latch. 

Latches are easy to use and install. Not only does the latch stop rubbish from escaping when tipped over, it also enables residents to secure bin lids and prevents animals from accessing rubbish. Bin lid latches auto releases when emptied into the rubbish trucks.

Two types of latches are available 

Shorter PUSH CLIP latch

For bins with no handle. Please note that push clip latches requires a hole to be drilled into the lid of the bin.

 Bin lid lip

Download the step by step installation instructions by clicking on Push Clip Installation(PDF, 3MB)

  1. Hook the latch on the side of the bin, making sure it is clear of any obstructions
  2. Position the latch on the lid and mark where the the centre of the knob meets the lid
  3. Drill a 12.5 mm hole on the lid mark
  4. Press down on the push clip until it snaps into the hole. Rehook the latch under the bin lip. 
Longer MULTI-FIT latch

For bins with a handle. Multi-fit latches securely wrap around the handle of your bin.  

 Bin lid handle

Download the step by step instructions by clicking on Multi-fit installation(PDF, 2MB).  

  1. Wet the latch
  2. Bring the latch under the bin lid handle so that the hook is facing up
  3. Thread the rounded end of the latch through the rectangular ring
  4. Pull the latch so the hook catches the side of the bin

Where can I get a bin latch? 

You can have latches posted to you by completing the online form below or contacting us.