Compost Rebates


We have proudly partnered with Compost Community to bring Mornington Peninsula Shire residents discounted compost bins, worm farms or bokashi systems.

How do I receive the discount?

Visit Compost Community to join like-minded individuals and to purchase your discounted compost, worm farm or bokashi system.

How much is the discount?

Households are eligible for a one-off $50 rebate off member prices. Childhood centres and schools are eligible for up to three $50 rebates ($150). 

Once the rebate is used, additional products may be purchased at member prices. 

Visit Composting Community for a full list of products and prices after the discount.  

How will I receive my composting units?

Your selected product will be posted to you. Please allow 2 weeks for delivery.

Peninsula Compost Challenge Terms and Conditions
  1. The Peninsula Compost Challenge is only available to Mornington Peninsula Shire residents, childhood centres and schools. The compost system must be installed at the residential address, childhood centre or school listed 
  2. The rebate is limited to 1 per residential address, and 3 per childhood centre or school.
  3. The applicant must be the occupier of the residential property requesting the rebate, or employed at the childhood centre or school
  4. The composting system must be used for domestic purposes only and not for re-sale 
  5. The rebate is only eligible on council approved items through Compost Community.
  6. The Shire is not responsible for the quality of the compost equipment. Any issues must be directed to Compost Community
  7. Only limited quantities of rebates are available. The Mornington Peninsula Shire Council reserves the right to withdraw the rebates once all quantities have been exhausted. 

Why should I compost?

Each year Victorian households send over 250,000 tonnes of avoidable food waste to landfill. On average, Victorian households throw out $2136 worth of food.

On the Peninsula, food waste makes up 40% of household rubbish. By composting, we are:

  • diverting food waste from landfill and hence reducing the amount of greenhouse gas produced
  • improving soil of our gardens, allowing us to grow even more veggies
  • supporting our farmers by not throwing out the water, soil nutrients, time and labour that has gone into growing, harvesting, processing, packaging and distributing food to our kitchens

Where can I learn more about composting?

Head to our compost page for handy tips. 

Videos and downloadable fact sheets can also be found at Compost Community

How can I fight food waste?

Rescue food sent to landfill by:

  • avoiding purchasing excess food – meal planning, checking the pantry before shopping and shopping with a list
  • cooking with all parts of the food/leftovers
  • purchasing seasonal, local ingredients
  • correctly storing food
  • composting

Learn more at Love Food Hate Waste