Compost Challenge


Peninsula Compost Challenge

Take part in our 6-week challenge to reduce waste!

Joining the challenge is simple, sign-up below and choose to compost your food waste during the 6-week challenge to see the difference it makes!

The challenge aims to raise awareness of the benefits of composting to reduce waste going to landfill.

Mornington Peninsula Shire invites you to take part in its inaugural Peninsula Compost Challenge, launching 7th May.

When you sign-up you will receive:

  • Handy hints and tips for composting at home
  • An invitation to screenings of Just Eat It, a film investigating food waste from the farm to the fridge
  • The ability to claim a composting rebate (a discount off composting equipment to help you in your challenge).

How does the rebate work?

If you have signed up for a rebate, you will be able to purchase your selected item direct from the Shire at the following discounted price:

  • 240L Tumbleweed compost bin: $27.50

  • Worm Farm (excluding worms): $33.50 
    (NB. allocation exhausted, all existing orders will be fulfilled)

  • Bokashi bucket and mix: $38.00  

    The composting rebate has been applied to the above final prices. 

Once delivery of your item is confirmed you will receive an email from the Shire detailing how to pay and where to collect your composting equipment.

You don’t have to wait for your composting equipment to start the challenge, track your food waste in a separate container and add it to your system when you have collected it!

What is the challenge?

The challenge is open to all Shire residents and runs from Monday 7 May until Sunday 17 June 2018.

Residents can register at any time during the 6-week period.

Take part in the challenge and track and submit the food waste you compost over the 6 weeks to see the difference you can make.

What you will need for the challenge:

A compost bin, worm farm or bio-fermenting compost unit to place your food waste in. 

If you do not have this equipment, take advantage of the rebate that comes with your sign-up to the challenge and receive a discount on composting equipment.

Once you register we will email you with tips and ideas for using this equipment to help you get started with composting!

Peninsula Compost Challenge Terms and Conditions

  1. The Peninsula Compost Challenge is only available to residents of the Mornington Peninsula. The compost system must be installed at the residential address listed
  2. The rebate is only eligible on select composting equipment: compost bin, worm farm (not including worms) or bio-fermenters composting units.
  3. The rebate is only valid from May 7 2018 to June 17 2018.  
  4. The rebate is limited to 1 per residential address
  5. The applicant must be the occupier of the property requesting the rebate
  6. The composting system must be used for domestic purposes only and not for re-sale 
  7. The Shire is not responsible for quality or purchase of the compost equipment.
  8. Only limited quantities of rebates are available, your rebate will be confirmed by email after you sign-up, along with instructions on how to get your equipment. 

Sign-up for the challenge: