Direct Debit Arrangement


Automatic Account Payment... Sign on now and enjoy the benefits for years.

Mornington Peninsula Shire’s Direct Debit system allows you to nominate a savings or cheque account from which your Rate Instalments are automatically paid.

Users of the Direct Debit system have the added opportunity to spread their rate payments over nine monthly payments or stay with the four quarterly instalment dates. The nine month period commences in September and ends in May each year. Once established the Direct Debit system continues year after year until you chose to stop the arrangement.

Paying your rates by Direct Debit is a convenient and an easy way for you to ensure that your rates are always paid on time.

When will my Bank Account be debited?

Your direct debit instalment payment will be the day specified on the front of your Annual Rate Notice.

Monthly Payments will be transferred from your Bank Account beginning the 15th of September. Nine payments per annum will be debited from your bank account September to May. Steps… to join the Direct Debit arrangement all you need to do is:

  • Have a current savings or Cheque account. 
  • Fill out and Sign the application form nominating either the four payments or nine payments. 
  • Contact your bank and ensure the BSB and account Number details are correct and that your nominated account allows Direct Debit. 
  • Send your application form to:
  • You can cancel Direct Debit arrangement whenever you choose by giving written advice to Mornington Peninsula Shire or Calling the Revenue Office on 5950 1080

2.Online Application Form

Branch Details
Bank Account Details
Direct Debit 9 Payments
(Monthly Payments from 15th of September)

Direct Debit 4 Payments
(Quarterly payments as per your rates notice)

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