Trust for Nature Rate

Mornington Peninsula Shire offers a Trust for Nature Rate to land owners who have placed a Trust for Nature conservation covenant on their property. This rate acknowledges the long-term commitment of these land owners to protecting biodiversity on their land. Under the Trust for Nature Rate, land owners will pay 35% of the general rate on the area of land protected under the covenant.

The Trust For Nature conservation covenant program allows landholders to permanently protect biodiversity on their property to help conserve some of Victoria's most threatened species of flora and fauna. The agreement is voluntary and negotiated between Trust for Nature and the individual landholder.  Please note that the Shire does not assess properties for eligibility for a Trust for Nature conservation covenant.

Land owners do not need to apply to Shire to receive this rate. When a land owner registers their conservation covenant with Trust for Nature, the Shire will be notified and will adjust your rates accordingly. We’ll then send you a confirmation letter with details of the rate changes and how it will be applied. 

For further information on Trust for Nature conservation covenants visit their website: Trust For Nature - Conservation Covenants.


 Other Biodiversity Incentive Programs

The Shire also offers a Conservation Land Rate to eligible land owners undertaking biodiversity conservation works on their property. For more information visit our Conservation Land Rate page.