Replacement rates notices and waste vouchers

Before you order a reprint

All Annual Rates & Valuation Notices are raised each July to the owner of the property at that time. If you have purchased the property from July onwards within the current financial year, then the notice will be in the previous owner’s name. Therefore, a copy cannot be provided.

Having said that, if you require proof of ownership for financial purposes, etc., we can provide a Rate Statement which lists property information/owner details similar to the rate notice. Please contact Revenue on 5950 1080 to request this which can be emailed and/or posted to you, at no charge.

If you require replacement Annual Rates notices and/or waste vouchers (unused) please complete the form below. Please allow 5-10 working days before they are issued.

Please note: once your three Waste Vouchers have been used, any further copies of the vouchers will be invalid (included on your Annual Rates and Valuation Notices). If you are unsure whether your vouchers are still valid, please call the Waste Services Team on 5950 1000.