Rates Payment Assistance

We recognise that some ratepayers may have difficulty paying rates and as a result have available the following measures of assistance:

Payment arrangement

An arrangement to pay rates on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis is available. A suitable plan must be entered into with the Shire, once this is established you will receive a confirmation letter.

 Apply Online

For more information phone 5950 1080.

Please note: All rates outstanding after 15 February 2022 will accrue interest as set under Section 2 of the Penalty Interest Rates Act 1983


Centrepay enables Centrelink customers to pay their rate and debtor accounts as a direct debit deduction from their fortnightly income.

Phone 5950 1080 to discuss a payment arrangement to best suit your needs.


Phone 5950 1080 to arrange a mutually acceptable rate payment plan, such as making small fortnightly or monthly repayments, to suit your budget.

In extreme hardship cases, we may consider deferral of rates but penalty interest will continue to accrue on any amount outstanding after 15 February 2022

All requests for rate relief must be in writing and supported by sufficient documentation to assess the request. This may include details of assets owned, income received and living expenses, as well as any other information considered relevant by the applicant. The offer can be withdrawn if the agreed arrangement is not adhered to.

Deferments of rates may only be granted on an annual basis. Applicants requiring longer deferrals will be required to reapply each year. All requests for rate relief will be treated as confidential.