Fire Management in Shire Reserves

Fire Management Works 

The Shire undertakes fire management works in our bushland, foreshore and road reserves. Fire management works aim to reduce fuel hazard and risk to neighbouring properties from potential bushfire. Fire management works are focussed on the removal and modification of fine fuels (vegetation thinner than your finger), as these fuels contribute most to the overall fuel hazard of a site and movement of bushfire through a landscape.

Fire management works are carried out in Fire Management Zones, which are generally located around reserve boundaries adjacent to assets and in high bushfire risk areas. Fire Management Zones are inspected to assess the overall fuel hazard level and to identify if works are required to reduce the fuel hazard to below acceptable limits.

Zones are inspected either annually, or once every three years, depending on their risk profile. Identified works are prioritised and implemented over the year. Grass slashing occurs regularly throughout the year. Fire management works typically consist of slashing, removing or trimming vegetation to reduce connectivity between shrubs and trees, and removing fallen, dead branches. The Shire also undertakes planned burning, reserve patrols on days of total fire ban and community engagement as part of our reserves fire management program.

Fire Management Zones 

There are two types of Fire Management Zones.

Asset Protection Zone

Asset Protection Zones (APZ) involve intensive fuel management, including slashing, to reduce the impact of flames or radiant heat from potential bushfire on assets (houses). APZs are generally located in areas immediately adjacent to assets, where they will be the most effective. They may also provide access for fire-fighting purposes.

Bushfire Moderation Zone

Bushfire Moderation Zones (BMZ) involve vegetation modification to reduce fuel hazard, spread and intensity of potential bushfire. BMZs are generally used to enhance the effectiveness of APZs and in other strategic areas. These zones involve less intensive fuel management than APZs, and require greater ecological consideration and environmental protection.

Interactive Map

You can use the interactive map below to view the fire management zones in your neighbourhood. Enter your address in the search bar at the top of the map to find your property. 

Asset Protection Zones are shown in red, and Bushfire Moderation Zones in blue.


Further Information

If you have any questions about our fire management works or would like some advice on managing your property to reduce fire risk, contact the Shire's Natural Systems Team on 1300 850 600. We're also available to meet with neighbourhood groups to talk about our fire management program and what you can do on your side of the fence. Are you fire ready?