Municipal Emergency Management Plan

Mornington Peninsula Municipal Emergency Management Plan (MEMplan)

The economic and social effects of emergencies including loss of life, destruction of property, and dislocation of communities are inevitable. Coping with hazards gives our reason and focus for planning. Hazards exist within all communities whether they are recognised or not.

The Mornington Peninsula Emergency Management Plan has been produced pursuant to Section 20(2) of the Emergency Management Act 1986. This plan addresses the mitigation of, response to and recovery from emergencies within the Mornington Peninsula Shire and is the result of the cooperative efforts of the Council's Emergency Management Planning Committee with assistance from numerous agencies including Victoria State Emergency Service, Victoria Police, Country Fire Authority and Department of Health Human Services and recognises the previous planning activities of the municipal area.

Municipal Emergency Management Plan

MornPen-MEMPlan-Parts-1-4-V4.2(PDF, 1MB)

APP-A-Contact-List-Public(PDF, 1MB)

SP03-Municipal-Fire-Management-Plan(PDF, 1MB)  

SP04-Mornington-Peninsula-Flood-Emergency-Plan(PDF, 22MB)

SP14-Bushfire-Place-of-Last-Resort-Plan(PDF, 1MB)

SP15-Hazard-Trees-Plan(PDF, 1MB)

Community Information Guides

SP16-Community-Information-Guides-Plan(PDF, 826KB)

SP161_CIG-Blairgowrie(PDF, 3MB)

SP162_CIG-Main_Ridge(PDF, 2MB)

SP163_CIG-McCrae-ArthursSeat(PDF, 2MB)

SP164_CIG-Mount_Martha(PDF, 2MB)

SP165_CIG-Sorrento-Portsea(PDF, 2MB)

SP166_CIG-StAndrew_Beach-Rye(PDF, 2MB)