Drainage & Flood Mapping

The Shire has committed to a 10-year, $30 million Local Integrated Drainage Scheme to manage the impact of more frequent and intense storm events. Flood mapping of vulnerable areas continues to prove very accurate, as confirmed in a number of high intensity storms experienced throughout the year. A significant community consultation campaign has also been undertaken, with thousands of letters to affected residents informing them of the study of their catchments.

Integrated Local Flood Management and Drainage Strategy Final(PDF, 9MB)
Integrated Local Flood Management and Drainage Strategy(PDF, 9MB)
Smart Water Plan(PDF, 2MB)
Maps of declared flood prone areas can be viewed at Declared Flood Prone Area Maps

Merricks Creek and Estuary Odour Reduction – Monitoring Update

Mornington Peninsula Shire is assisting Melbourne Water, Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP), the community working group and other stakeholders in a project to reduce odour that persistently occurs in Merricks Creek and Estuary. This odour is due to the breakdown of seagrass accumulating in the creek and affects residents in Balnarring Beach and Somers.

The Shire’s role is to monitor and assess public health impacts arising from the works conducted as part of this project.

This monitoring includes:

  • Analysis of water quality parameters such as dissolved oxygen, pH and salinity by Estuary Watch which is a community based estuarine monitoring program funded by Melbourne Water
  • Seasonal weekly testing of bacterial water quality by the Shire to assess compliance with National Water Quality Guidelines

Monitoring will continue until the completion of this project and the data will be regularly updated. Results to date indicate that the hydrogen sulphide levels near the creek and E.Coli levels in the creek have not exceeded the limits set out in relevant health guidelines.

For further information on this project please visit the Melbourne Water Merricks Creek Project website

For further information on Estuary Watch data, download: Interpreting Estuary Health Data by Estuary Watch.


Merricks Creek Community Update Notice - 21 Dec 2016(PDF, 185KB)
Merricks Creek Community Notice - 6 Dec 2016(PDF, 220KB)
Merricks Creek lab report(PDF, 104KB)
Merricks Creek Logging data combined(PDF, 97KB)
Merricks Creek LSC Water Quality(PDF, 59KB)

Mount Eliza Flood Alleviation Scheme

The Shire is currently working towards reducing flooding to the Mount Eliza shopping precinct as part of its Local Integrated Drainage Strategy (LIDS).

In the past the precinct has been subject to serious flooding during severe wet weather. This means drainage infrastructure must be improved to reduce the likelihood of future flooding to businesses and surrounding homes.

Works will be undertaken in stages to reduce any disruption to shops and local traffic. It is envisaged that road closures and driveway access restrictions will be kept to a minimum and that a safe environment will be maintained for community members and contractors at all times.

The Shire is committed to keeping the community informed at all times throughout the project and will be seeking input from residents and business owners to minimise any disruptions.

For further information and details of the project location please visit the Shire’s website or contact Chris Lyne, Drainage Project Manager on: 5950 1000.

Download: Mt Eliza Flood Brochure(PDF, 3MB)

Water Sensitive Urban Design

Download: Water Sensitive Urban Design in a Changing Climate(PDF, 369KB)