Plants of the Peninsula

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Nearly 700 species of indigenous plants have been recorded on the Mornington Peninsula – representing almost one fifth of Victoria’s flora.

Mapping of native vegetation on the peninsula has shown that we are one of the most ecologically diverse local government areas in Victoria, with over 60 vegetation types mapped. This diversity is due to the range of natural environments we have - our coast, creeks, hills and plains provide a variety of habitats for our local native plants and animals to live.

For plant lists for over 30 of the most common vegetation types on the peninsula, download Mornington Peninsula EVC Profiles(PDF, 133KB).


Have you got remnant native vegetation on your property?

Only 30% of remnant native vegetation remains on the Mornington Peninsula and 60% of this important habitat occurs on private property, so what you do counts! Contact our Natural Systems team on 1300 850 600 to find out more about the vegetation types on your property and advice on how to manage them.


Which plant to plant?

If you’re thinking about planting on your property, choosing local native plants that are suited to your region of the Mornington Peninsula will help maintain our diverse, natural environment.

To help you select local native plants that are suitable for your region, the Shire has developed a series of regional revegetation guides, that can be found on the Revegetation Plant Guides page.  These guides are complimented by the great range of local native plants stocked by the Shire Nursery who can also provide advice on plant selection for your property.

Environmental and Noxious Weeds

For information on environmental and noxious weeds on the peninsula, visit our Environmental and Noxious Weeds page.