Home Harvest Exchange

Home Harvest Exchange

Too many lemons and not enough parsley?  Why not take part in a Home Harvest Exchange.  This community initiative allows people to bring their own excess produce and go home with someone else’s for free!

Growing fruit and vegetables at home, and sharing them with our communities, means we have access to much fresher, healthier produce.  It also reduces waste and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.  Taking part in these food swaps also engenders a great sense of generosity and camaraderie within the community.  They are healthy, safe, free and friendly and a fun way to create a more sustainable planet.

How does the Home Harvest Exchange work?

Participants simply donate their fresh fruit, vegetables, jams, eggs and other produce, and help themselves to the offerings of others. A bunch of rhubarb may be exchanged for a pot of marmalade. No money changes hands during the swap and there is usually no measurement of produce when swapping. You don’t even need to barter!  Many people also exchange growing tips, recipes and addresses. They are also a wonderful way to meet your neighbours and form friendships with other keen gardeners.

What the law says

Provided all food at a Home Harvest Exchange is donated for free, and is not offered to promote a food business, there is no need for food permits or food registration.

Keeping the food safe

When handling food it is always important to follow these few basic steps:

  • Clean and wash the food before donating and before preparing foods from the exchange
  • Maintain good hygiene when handling food
  • Store foods safely when transporting them to and from the exchange
  • If donating prepared food always include a list of the ingredients.

To find out more about good food hygiene contact the Department of Health, Food Safety Unit on 1300 364 352 or visit the Victorian Government Food Safety website

Where are the Home Harvest Exchanges on the Peninsula?

Third Saturday of the month; 2:00pm to 3:00pm 
Dig It, Mornington Community Garden, Mitchell St, Mornington 
(Melways Reference: 145 D3)

Bring home grown edibles, eggs, preserved produce, honey, seeds and seedlings. No minimum amount and no money changes hands.

The Home Harvest Exchange Network

This is a community initiative. For more information on the Home Harvest Exchange please contact the following people:

Mornington – Lorraine from Mornington Community Garden
Email: nannipop5@hotmail.com
Website: www.dig-it-garden.weebly.com