What can you do to protect biodiversity?

Protect and enhance the bush on your property

Only 30% of native vegetation remains on the Mornington Peninsula, and over half of this occurs on private land – so what you do counts!

Some actions that you can undertake include:

  • Protect remnant patches of bush on your property
  • Link patches of bush to create habitat corridors
  • Protect large old trees, dead and alive
  • Create new habitat by allowing the bush to regenerate or planting with indigenous vegetation that is appropriate for your area
  • Manage environmental weeds and feral animals
  • Learn about the indigenous plants and animals around your area
  • Create a wildlife friendly garden
  • Join a  friends group or Landcare group

You may be eligible for a conservation land rate (formerly the land sustainability rebate) for undertaking some of these actions.

Be a good bushland neighbour

If you live near bushland, our How to be a good bushland neighbour(PDF, 3MB) guide has some hints and tips on how you can reduce your impact on bushland by:

  • Being a responsible pet owner
  • Not dumping garden waste  
  • Preventing your garden plants from escaping into the bush
  • Not removing important habitat like ground logs.