What are we doing to protect biodiversity?

The Shire undertakes a range of actions that support biodiversity conservation on the peninsula, including:

  • Managing the Shire’s 250 bushland reserves to protect and enhance biodiversity.
  • Supporting the work of friends groups, conservation groups and Landcare groups.
  • Offering a Conservation Land Rate for eligible properties.
  • Stocking a great range of local native plants at the Shire Nursery, as well as providing advice on plants suitable for your property.
  • Sharing knowledge through our State of Biodiversity Report for the Mornington Peninsula. You can read more about this report on our Biodiversity page.
  • Developing a Biodiversity Conservation Plan for the Mornington Peninsula.
  • Working cooperatively with other public land managers in the region including Melbourne Water, Parks Victoria and the Port Phillip and Western Port Catchment Management Authority.
  • Supporting citizen science projects.
  • Enhancing knowledge through research and monitoring projects. Download the Mornington Peninsula Biodiversity: Survey and Research Highlights(PDF, 5MB) publication to find out more.
  • Providing a range of biodiversity-related guides.