About the Eco Living Display Centre

Closure due to Coronavirus

To protect our community following the declaration of a State of Emergency in response to Coronavirus (COVID-19) we’re closing the Eco Living Display Centre until further notice.  This includes centre opening, school excursions, tours and hire of the facility.  We apologise for any inconvenience.

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The Eco Living Display Centre offers:

  • The opportunity to learn more about sustainable living and making your home more sustainable and comfortable.
  • Sustainability workshops on a range of topics
  • School excursions
  • The ability to book the Centre's meeting room 

You can learn more about of each of these below.

What can I learn at the Eco Living Display Centre?

Living green doesn’t mean doing without or spending lots of money.  At the Eco Living Display Centre you can learn about a range of easy lifestyle changes you can make as well as modifications to improve the comfort of your home.  See a variety of insulation types, double glazing, external shading, internal draught proofing, energy saving lights as well as sustainable flooring and bench-tops, a water efficient toilet, taps and shower, solar power, solar hot water and much more!  In the garden you can learn a range of ways to create beautiful garden for dry conditions from planting indigenous plants to creating wicking beds and no-dig gardens.

How do I make my home more sustainable and comfortable without spending a fortune?  Where do I start to make the greatest impact on my family’s comfort and the environment?  A visit to the Eco Living Display Centre, located at The Briars, can set you on the right track!  See first-hand how you can reduce your water, energy and waste to decrease your bills, make your home more comfortable and save the environment.

Come on a guided tour or participate in one of our sustainability workshops.

View our Eco Living Display Centre Gallery