Confinement of pets


24 Hour Confinement of Cats

The Shire has adopted a municipality-wide Order which requires all cats to be contained within the owner’s property at all times. This Order has been made to reduce problems associated with stray and feral cats and to protect cats from attack and fatal diseases. The Shire encourages responsible cat ownership, and owners should ensure that their cat(s) are registered and confined to their properties at all times.

Confining your cat is also the best way to protect your cat and our wildlife and avoid Objection Notices and possible fines if your cat is found roaming your neighbours' properties.

Cats can be confined in the house or flat, but remember to ensure your cat can access window ledges for sunshine. You can also give your cat grass to chew (non toxic varieties such as oats or rye-grass).

Cat enclosures are also a good idea, restricting your cat to a designated outside area. These can be purchased from pet shops or built by a handyman. Some tips to build your own cat enclosure include using clear netting to enclose your courtyard alleyway or veranda, building your own A-frame enclosure with chicken wire or adapting an aviary.

Responsible Ownership of dogs

There are several guidelines and responsibilities that should be followed when owning a dog.

All dog owners must securely confine dogs to their property

Under the provisions of the Domestic Animals Act 1994, all dog owners must securely confine dogs to their property. This means the yard must have a closed gate, and an escape-proof fence.

Confining your dog is also the most effective way to prevent the possibility of your dog attacking a person or another animal. Also if you confine your dog, it will be safe from traffic injuries, and fights with other dogs, plus it will prevent it getting lost or wandering.

All dogs to be on a lead when in public places

The Shire has enforced a municipality-wide Order which requires all dogs to be on a lead when in public places, unless being exercised in one of the designated Leash-Free Areas

Dogs found wandering that cannot be identified and returned to their owners or that cannot be securely confined to a property, will be taken to the Shire’s Community Animal Shelter. If you have ‘lost’ your dog, please visit our Lost Animals Register to see if it is being looked after at the animal shelter.