Wandering Cats

Mornington Peninsula Shire has a 24-hour cat curfew. Cats must be contained to the owner's property at all times. 

The Shire’s cat trapping program has been suspended until further notice.

In line with advice from the Australian Veterinary Association and Animal Welfare Victoria, the Mornington Peninsula Shire has made the decision to temporarily suspend its cat trapping program.

We realise this will be a disappointment to the Shire’s residents, however, in order to maintain the highest standards of animal welfare, the Shire’s Community Animal Shelter must prioritise the use of vaccines for at-risk animals.

Despite the suspension of the cat trapping program, the Community Animal Shelter will continue to prioritise animal welfare and accept surrendered animals.

For more information on the advice from the Australian Veterinary Association, please visit the Feline vaccine shortage article on the Australian Veterinary Association website.

What are your options for dealing with a wandering or trespassing cat when it enters your property?

First you need to establish whether the cat has an owner or if it is a stray/ownerless cat. Watch the cat and try to establish where it resides or ask your neighbours to help identify where the cat comes from.

If you find the cat’s owner, you may:

  1. Approach the cat’s owner and explain the problem. The owner may not be aware of the situation; or
  2. If the owner is unapproachable or you are not comfortable approaching them, try placing the “Dear Neighbour” letter (found on page 5 of the Wandering Cat booklet) into their letter box.

For more information download a copy of the Wandering Cat booklet.(PDF, 121KB)