Ants & Cockroaches

 Ants are a very common insect, with about 1100 species living in Australia. They generally live in nests located in soil, wood or among rocks. When ants discover a food source, they define and scent a trail back to the nest. The worker ants use this trail to go backwards and forwards between the nest and the food. The best way to avoid ants in your house or building is to minimise the chance of them finding a food source.

Cockroaches are considered pests right around the world. The food, shelter and temperature offered by houses and other buildings is very attractive to these scavenging and hardy creatures. Unfortunately they can carry diseases or cause contamination and odours. Their appearance, size and speed can also be quite unnerving.

If your ant or cockroach infestation is out of control contact a licensed pest control contractor in your area.