Proposed Renaming of a Road in Arthurs Seat

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Council is currently considering a proposal to officially rename the extent of Whites Road, Arthurs Seat that runs from Purves Road to Stockdale Road.  Whites Road runs from Purves Road to Main Creek Road in Arthurs Seat however there is currently no access through with leases in place and no plans for the entire extent of the road to be connected. This extent of the road does not currently have any addresses attached.

There has been confusion with deliveries to properties in the area as Whites Road is not accessible from one end to the other therefore it is proposed the section from Purves Road be renamed for communications, including postal and emergency services purposes as a minimum. The proposed name is:

Stockdale Road - the proposal is to continue Stockdale Rd through to Purves Rd.  


Council invites any interested persons to make comment. You may object to this proposal by providing reasons why the name is not appropriate and/or why it does not meet the requirements of the Naming Rules. 

Any comments or objections must be in writing and can be sent to, or by mail to Mornington Peninsula Shire, Private Bag 1000, Rosebud, 3939 and must be received by 1 August 2022, within 30 days of this notice. 

Any queries can be  directed to Pam Vercoe, Manager -Governance on 5950 1057.

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