Terms & conditions - cloth nappy & reusable sanitary product rebates


By submitting an application for a rebate, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.  If your application does not comply with these terms and conditions, it will not be valid and will not be accepted or assessed.

Submission of an application does not guarantee a rebate.  Council will advise in writing if your rebate application has been successful.

1. Applicants

To be eligible to apply for a rebate, you must be aged 18 years or over and live in the Mornington Peninsula Shire.  

2. Eligible Products

Applicants may apply for a rebate for the following products:

(a) cloth nappies, including reusable swim nappies and reusable nappy liners; and

(b) reusable sanitary products, including reusable sanitary pads and cups and leak proof underwear.

3. Applications

3.1. To apply, applicants must submit a rebate application form with

(a) tax invoice/s evidencing proof of purchase on eligible products. Tax invoices must be no older than 6 months from the date of purchase. The tax invoice must include:

  • Company name and ABN
  • Purchase date
  • Item name
  • Cost

(b) proof of residence that is dated within 3 months of the proof of purchase. The applicant must be the occupant of the property.  

3.2. Applicants who are unable to apply online may request a paper-based form. 

3.3. Only one cloth nappy rebate application will be accepted per household for an indefinite period of time

3.4. Only one sanitary rebate application will be accepted per person for an indefinite period of time. Applications on behalf of other persons will not be accepted.

3.5. Separate rebate applications must be submitted.  

4. Rebate

4.1 Council will assess each application to determine whether the applicant is eligible for a rebate. Within 30 days of receiving an application, Council will notify applicants in writing of the outcome of their application. 

4.2. Successful applicants will be reimbursed 50 per cent of the purchase price of eligible products, subject to the following maximums:

(a) Cloth nappies: up to $100

(b) Reusable sanitary products: up to $50

4.3. Councils reserves the right to suspend the rebates once all funds has been exhausted. At this time, no further rebates will be accepted. 

5. Payment

Payment will be made by cheque and posted to the applicant. 

6. Liability

Council is not responsible for the quality of cloth nappies or reusable sanitary products. Any issues must be directed to the retailer/supplier

7. General

7.1. Council reserves the right to verify any information provided in any application, and to require additional information or clarification from the applicant. 

7.2. Council accepts no responsibility for late, lost, incomplete, invalid or corrupt applications. 

7.3. Council reserves the right to change these terms and conditions, or to cancel, terminate, modify or suspend the nappy and sanitary rebates at any time.