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This event has been cancelled due to the current COVID restrictions. Please register your interest in a future workshop by emailing

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 Building new or doing any extensive renovations?  Want to make it as comfortable, energy efficient and sustainable as possible?

Come along to our interactive workshop where Senior Sustainability Consultant Danielle King will walk you through solar passive design and orientation, insulation, double glazing, efficient heating, cooling and hot water, solar and more.

What you’ll learn:

• Understand solar passive design concepts

• Orientation and why its important

• Why the building shell (insulation, windows/glazing, draft proofing) matters

• Thermal mass and cross ventilation concepts

• What key appliances are efficient

• Factoring in Solar PV – how to maximise solar opportunities

• How to make the home as efficient as possible

• Time permitting – discuss other features (water efficiency, low VOC materials)

What to bring:

Your plans (a basic outline is fine, doesn’t need to be full plans)

Notepad and pen to take notes

Danielle is a highly respected expert in the sustainable built environment, efficiency and organisational sustainability. Her qualifications include a MBA (International Business), Diploma of Management, Sustainability and Carbon Accounting. She is a fully qualified and accredited Residential Efficiency and Sustainability Assessor and an Educator in the field. Danielle also sits on several advisory boards and works with state government programs and other sectors to assist in creating efficient sustainable outcomes for both residential and commercial sectors. Danielle has presented many seminars on sustainable building, co-authored the Smart Living Handbook and has had numerous journal articles published in a variety of media.


When (All dates cancelled)

  • Saturday, 05 June 2021 | 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM


The Eco Living Display Centre is adjacent to the Briars Nursery.

Eco Living Display Centre, The Briars, Mt Martha, 450 Nepean Hwy, Mount Martha 3934  View Map

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