Wastewater Projects

Wastewater Management Plan

In November 2018 Council adopted it's Wastewater Management Plan 2018-2023 to address the environmental and public health risks posed by residential and commercial wastewater on the peninsula. For further information go to Domestic Wastewater Management Plan.

SepticTrack Information Management System

In 2017 the Shire’s Wastewater Management Team began trialling ‘SepticTrack’, a mobile data tool (App) being utilised by Environmental Health Officers, septic tank pump out operators, drainers and service agents to centrally manage information regarding septic wastewater disposal.

In a Victorian Council first, this paperless reporting initiative is assisting the Shire and South East Water to safely monitor septic systems and prevent pollutants from poorly maintained or failing systems entering waterways, catchments and ground water on the Mornington Peninsula region. This App registers information in real time regarding sewer connections and the overall compliance and maintenance of septic systems.

In 2019 more than 20,000 data entries have been collated to better manage the overall safety and integrity of existing septic systems on the Peninsula and in turn has led to fewer failing systems and better education, electronic reporting and assistance for property owners.

Feedback from the Service Manager at Icon Septech: "Since trialling the new SepticTrack App for Mornington Peninsula Shire we have been impressed with the user-friendly design, quick access to property and service information for our clients and fast information transfer, improving communication between Icon Septech, the client and Council".

Keeping Peninsula Waterways clean is everyone's business

Mornington Peninsula Shire is working together with Melbourne Water and South East Water to help keep local waterways clean and ensure industrial trade waste doesn’t make its way to our local catchments and beaches. For further information go to Prevent Stormwater Pollution.

Nepean Peninsula and Early Connection Option Sewer Scheme

The Peninsula ECO Sewerage project has assisted more than 4,700 customers on the southern end of the peninsula connect to sewer since 2014. Customers are choosing to connect for many reasons including having a healthy home, caring for the local environment and for peace of mind that their wastewater will be correctly managed. Unfortunately, many property owners believed that their septic functioned well without any maintenance costs until they discovered problems below the surface. Fast tracking your sewer connection for your own peace of mind has never been easier.

Contact South East Water for more information on how to become better connected:

The Shire fully supports this scheme and requires all properties to connect to sewer unless a wastewater re-use system is installed that meets Environment Protection Authority sustainable re-use guidelines (EPA Publication 891.4).

Boneo Water Recycling Plant Upgrade

The peninsula will soon benefit from a $130m investment in new, energy-efficient water treatment and recycling infrastructure as a result of an upgrade to the Boneo Water Recycling Plant. This will support population growth, protect the local environment and maximise recycled water production for local businesses. It will also support the seasonal spikes in sewage inflows during the summer months when increased visitors to the region cause a 50 per cent increase in flows to the treatment plant.

The work is expected to commence early 2019 and be completed by early 2021. For more information, visit South East Water website or phone 1800 055 465.

Wastewater Newsletter

The latest Wastewater Industry newsletter from the Shire's Environmental Health Team can be accessed here Wastewater-Newsletter-December-2019.pdf(PDF, 5MB)