Peninsula ECO new sewer system

Peninsula ECO Project

Construction of the Peninsula ECO (Early Connection Option) sewer system by South East Water now services more than 16,000 properties in Portsea, Sorrento, Blairgowrie, Rye and St Andrews Beach.

Along the peninsula there is direct evidence of waste from failing household septic tanks polluting groundwater, waterways and the environment. Peninsula ECO is required to eliminate the use of existing onsite septic tanks, which will result in significant improvements to public health and our environment. 

What is ECO (Early Connection Option)?

Peninsula ECO gives qualifying property owners the opportunity to pay to connect to the new sewerage system up to 16 years ahead of schedule.  You don’t have to connect early, it’s your choice.  ECO is offered in addition to the scheduled roll-out.

What are the benefits? 

The new sewerage system will help to improve public health and the environment and remove the odour issues associated with failing onsite treatment systems.  With ECO (Early Connection Option) you can enjoy the benefits of being connected sooner than the scheduled rollout including:

  • increase the value of your property and make available the land that is currently needed for your septic system or treatment plant irrigation
  • remove the ongoing cost of maintaining your septic tank
  • eliminate odours and dampness associated with failing septic tank systems.

When did construction start and finish?

Construction works commenced in November 2013 and were completed in November 2015. 

What are the costs of ECO?

The early connection fee varies according to the location of your property and the month in which you choose to connect.  Contact South East Water for more information.

For more information

Contact South East Water
Visit: 2449 Pt Nepean Road, Rye (between the car wash and the Rye Hotel)
Call: 1800 720 613