Peninsula ECO new sewer system

The Peninsula ECO (Early Connection Option) project allows properties in the Southern Mornington Peninsula to connect to mains sewer years ahead of schedule. 

Wastewater from failing household septic tanks will pollute our environment. The dirty water will seep from the yard, through the sandy soil, into our groundwater, bays and beaches. The Peninsula ECO project will reduce this problem by replacing ageing septic tanks with a mains sewer connection.

What are the benefits?

The modern sewerage system will result in benefits to human health and the environment. The benefits of connecting to reticulated sewer include:

  • The decommissioning of a septic tank and land application area will create space on your property.
  • Eliminate odours and dampness associated with a failing wastewater (septic tank) system.
  • Reduce risks to human health and the environment caused by failing wastewater systems.

The Westernport Bay town of Flinders is an example of how replacing ageing septic tanks with a sewer connection can help the environment. The connection of properties to the pressure sewer system dramatically reduced E.Coli pollution in the waterways. 

Further information the environmental benefits can be found here.

Pressure sewer system

Conventional gravity sewer was not considered appropriate given the topography and potential environmental damage caused by installing large pipes. The Peninsula ECO project uses the latest pressure sewer system and OneBox control unit to manage wastewater disposal.

All property wastewater flows through the pressure sewer system except rainwater and swimming pool discharge. Customers with a pool must install a backwash and overflow disposal system. If you are unsure what substances the sewer system can accommodate, please call the South East Water Hotline (132 812.)

Backwash from swimming pools

In areas serviced by South East Water’s pressure sewer network, pool backwash or discharge must not be discharged to sewer.

Such discharges must be managed onsite in accordance with Mornington Peninsula Shire's requirements.

Further information can be found at Peninsula ECO.

How can I switch to sewer?

South East Water can come out for a site visit to discuss pressure sewer connection. Contact South East Water to request an obligation free quote.

Contact the South East Water ECO Team on:

Phone: 1800 720 613
Visit: 2449 Pt Nepean Road, Rye
Post: 2449 Pt Nepean Road, Rye 3941