Save Energy

Looking for ways to reduce the energy your home uses and save money?

  • Heating and cooling accounts for around 40% of your power bill.
  • An energy-efficient home will save you hundreds of dollars on your power bills.
  • You can save money, make your home more comfortable and reduce emissions that contribute to climate change.

Free Energy Advice Service for Residents

We have partnered with the Australian Energy Foundation (AEF) to provide residents with free energy advice.

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Understand how to make your home or business energy efficient.

From solar panels to insulation, advice is available for all areas of your home, helping you make informed decisions. The advisors can also connect you with reliable suppliers, they conduct rigorous procurement processes so that you can buy with ease and confidence.

How to get your free 20 min phone consultation

How can energy advice help you?

  • Solar Panels & Battery Storage: Thinking of powering your home with solar energy? Using satellite imagery, our energy advisors can help you determine whether your property is suitable for solar panels or solar batteries.
  • Draught-Proofing: Find out how sealing up gaps and cracks can improve thermal efficiency in your home and keep your energy costs down.
  • Insulation: Proper insulation ensures a comfortable temperature in your home. We can help you find out how to check whether you have enough insulation in your home and what solutions you can look into if you don’t.
  • Heating & Cooling: From split systems and fans to ducted heating and fire places, our complete air conditioner and energy efficient heater guides will help you keep your home comfortable, whatever the season.
  • Hot Water: Is your hot water system due for an upgrade? We can help you discover efficient systems such as hot water heat pumps so you can cut costs without sacrificing on comfort or convenience.
  • Windows: Can curtains and blinds improve energy efficiency? Do  window films really work? Our energy advisor can help you understand your options and prepare your windows in time for winter.
  • Lighting: Find out how to choose the  perfect light fixtures and fittings for your home and whether you’re eligible for any rebates.
  •  Electricity Bills: Get tips on how to  shop around for the best energy tariff and find out how you can get paid $50just for comparing.
  •  Referrals to fully vetted suppliers: Want a quote from a reputable supplier? AEF runs a rigorous procurement process so you can make your home efficient with ease and confidence

Join the Solar and Energy Bulk Buy Program

Access cost-effective solar and save on your energy bills with our Solar and Energy Bulk Buy Program.

With energy costs rising over the last few years, many households are finding that energy efficiency and solar make all the difference to energy affordability.

The Bulk Buy Program makes it easier for households to go solar, reduce emissions and save on their energy bills.

How will the Bulk Buy Program help you?

  • By installing solar, you can could reduce your electricity bills by 30 to 60%. With these savings, a typical home will recoup the initial investment between 3 to 5 years.
  • Being more comfortable! If you are tired of freezing in winter, take action for your health and comfort. Improving the energy efficiency of your home is cheaper and easier than you think.
  • Heating and cooling a home can use up to 40% of energy usage in an average home, so find out how a split system air conditioner can achieve both for less money and energy.
  • Learn about hot water heat pumps and reduce your greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Find out how to transition to a low carbon future

What does the Bulk Buy Program involve?

As a Shire resident, now is an ideal time for you to take advantage of this Bulk Buy Program for energy efficiency and solar products, and access generous Victorian Government rebates in the process. Through our partnership with AEF, you will have free access to:

  • AEF’s comprehensive Energy Advice Service offering, available over-the-phone, email and through AEF website. AEF Energy Advisors provide personalised advice on which products are most suitable for your needs and budget.
  • Obligation-free quotes from trusted and vetted suppliers, for hot water heat pumps, reverse cycle air-conditioners, solar panels and solar batteries.
  • Assistance with applying for rebates, to help you save more!
  • Six information sessions to learn about the energy efficiency products on offer and how to create a comfortable and safe home.

How do I get started with the Bulk Buy Program?

Contact the friendly Energy Advisors at Australian Energy Foundation (AEF) to prepare your home for winter and to start your energy efficiency journey today!

For more information visit

Tips to reduce your home’s energy use

There are many simple things you can do around the home to save energy and money.

You can also visit the Shire's Eco Living Display Centre at The Briars to learn more about living sustainably and having an energy efficient home. The Centre offers tours, school excursions, one on one advice and workshops.  


Energy Savvy Upgrades - financial help for upgrades to your home

Would you like advice and financial help for upgrades to your home that:

  • reduce your energy usage and
  • improve comfort in your home?

Energy Savvy Upgrades offers:

  • A reduced rate on a household energy assessment ($100).
  • Up to $1,240 towards energy upgrades such as insulation, draught proofing, window shading, heating and cooling, lighting, fans and hot water.
  • Learn how to access lower energy deals
  • Learn if you are eligible for any rebates.
  • Assistance to claim the Power Saving Bonus (worth $250)

To be eligible, householders must be:

  • struggling to pay energy bills,
  • living with an on-going medical condition or disability,
  • caring for someone in these circumstances or other adverse conditions. 

How to take advantage of this opportunity

Spaces are strictly limited. 

Participants must pay $100 for an energy assessment and contribute at least 40% for the energy upgrades.

Contact U-Pocket

The program is a partnership between the Department of Environment, Land Water and Planning and the Shire.

Home Energy Kits – Available at a Library near you!

Did you know Australian households generate about one fifth of Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions?

Making our homes more efficient and making the shift to renewable forms of energy are important actions we can all take to reduce our carbon emissions and tackle climate change. 

Our Mornington Peninsula Libraries have Home Energy Kits available to borrow.

The kits contain the following tools:

  • Energy Saving Thermometer – to measure hot water temperature, room temperature and fridge and freezer temperatures.  You may have these hotter or colder than they need to be.
  • Mini non-contact thermometer – to measure the temperature of surfaces such as walls and windows.  You may be losing or gaining heat which can be fixed with insulation or shade.
  • Water Flow Measuring cup – is a very simple device designed to measure how much water your taps, shower etc are using in litres per minute.
  • PowerMate Lite energy meter – is used to measure energy consumption appliances to see which ones should be used sparingly and where standby power is being used unnecessarily.

You can also borrow a Thermal Imaging Camera which combines non-contact temperature measurement and thermal imaging into one troubleshooting tool to help you quickly identify where hot or cold air is leaking in and out of your home.  Sealing these leaks or insulating these problem areas will make your home more comfortable and save you money by making your heating or air conditioning work more efficiently.

For more details email:

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Small Business Energy Saver Program

The Small Business Energy Saver program is helping small businesses upgrade to energy efficient equipment and obtain long-term savings.  The program is designed to help small businesses recover from COVID-19 hardships via the Victoria Energy Upgrades (VEU) of activities such as:

  • Replacing inefficient electric hot water systems.
  • Replacing inefficient gas hot water systems.
  • Upgrading to efficient room reverse cycle air-conditioners.
  • Installing energy-efficient refrigerator display cabinets.
  • Installing energy-efficient fridges and freezers.

Rebates available may be able to cover up to 85-95% of the cost of the upgrade providing incentive for energy efficient upgrades.

To find out if your business is eligible and how to apply.