Customer Experience Benchmarking survey

A Customer Experience Benchmarking (CXB) survey will start on 24 April for four weeks. Tell us how you feel about our performance when handling your recent enquiry.

We have engaged an external company, CSBA to undertake this CXB survey for us.

If you have been in contact with the Shire over the past three months, you may be contacted by CSBA for a 10-minute survey.

The survey will benchmark our results against other Councils and see where our level of service is sitting. Any identifiable details you provide will not be passed on to us unless you have requested follow up contact from our Customer Support team. No information you supply to CSBA will be used for any purpose other than research.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is this survey?

The CXB survey will tell us what our customers think and feel about our service delivery We will benchmark our results against other Councils and see where our level of service is sitting.

Your details and individual responses are confidential. Only the overall results are shared with us to highlight our strengths and areas for improvement.

Who is CSBA?

We have engaged an external company, Customer Service Benchmarking Australia (CSBA) to undertake this Customer Experience Benchmarking (CXB) survey for us.

With more than two decades worth of experience, CSBA has become one of Australia’s leading customer experience experts. 

Why is CSBA contacting me to ask me questions about my interaction with the Shire?

If you have had an interaction with us within the last three months, you may be contacted and asked to participate in this survey. The method of contact will reflect the way in which you contacted us, ie:

  • If you called us, you will receive a survey via phone call
  • If you contacted us online (via webform or email) you will be contacted via email.

It will take around 10 minutes to complete the survey.

Didn’t you just do this?

We recently participated in the Community Satisfaction survey, which is coordinated by the Victorian Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions on behalf of Victorian Councils. The survey was conducted in early 2023 and was designed to assess our performance across a range of measures, to identify ways we can improve and provide greater service delivery to our residents.

The CXB survey is different because we are only surveying customers who have had a recent interaction with us, and we are measuring their overall experience for that specific interaction.

In short, this new CXB survey is entirely separate to the recent Community Satisfaction survey. Only people who have been in contact with the Shire in the last three months qualify for the CXB survey.

Who can I contact if I have some more questions?

Our Customer Support team are here to help.

Call us on 1300 850 600 or email

Can I opt out of the survey?

Yes, all communications from CSBA will have an option to opt out.

If you receive an email, you can use the ‘Unsubscribe’ button to opt-out of receiving further emails.

If you receive a call from CSBA you can ask the operator to remove you from the calling list.

How will you handle my information?

We take privacy seriously. Any information that may identify you will be removed from the data prior to analysis and will not be provided to us. No information you give CSBA will be used for any purpose other than research, unless your express consent is obtained beforehand.

Our commitment to Privacy

The Mornington Peninsula Shire in conjunction with its service provider CSBA, is collecting and using your personal information in accordance with the Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014 and its Privacy Policy. The information collected will be used for the purposes of researching customer satisfaction and improving service delivery only.

The Shire has provided limited customer contact details to CSBA to conduct this research. Provision of this information is consistent with the Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014, Information Privacy Principle 2 – use and disclosure of personal information for a secondary purpose that could be reasonably expected.

You may access the personal information you have provided to the Shire at any time, and request changes to that information if you believe it is incorrect.