Communities That Care

About Communities That Care

Communities That Care (CTC) Mornington Peninsula is a preventative approach to improving the health and wellbeing of children and young people on the Peninsula. CTC aims to promote the healthy development of children and young people by reducing risk factors and increasing protective factors in order to see favourable change in behaviour over time. 

Where does CTC work?

  • Somerville, Tyabb, Baxter
  • Hastings, Crib Point, Bittern, Cerberus
  • Mount Eliza
  • Mornington communities
  • Rosebud to Portsea
  • Two Bays area

Positive Outcomes from the 2012 to 2017 CTC cycle

The third Communities that Care (CTC) cycle has just been completed. This cycle focused on seeing a reduction in depressive symptoms due to family conflict. The implementation phase was very successful with some great outcomes for young people and their families across the Mornington Peninsula. The CTC team along with community members and local family and youth organisations created an implementation strategy with the following key programs rolled out over a 2-year timeframe.

CTC Programs third cycle

Mental Health First Aid

Mental Health First Aid aims to educate and equip the wider Mornington Peninsula community in how to best support a young person experiencing Mental Health problems and how young people can provide peer support. Many free community sessions were offered to those working or volunteering with young people on the Mornington Peninsula. The program also provided training to 10 of the local high schools for teachers and wellbeing staff and eight of the local high schools have begun to train their students in the teen program. We have successfully seen 1,400 people trained across the Mornington Peninsula.

Download: Mental Health First Aid over 2 years(PDF, 188KB)




Strengthening Family Connections

Strengthening Family Connections

Strengthening Family Connections is an evidence-based therapeutic family education program and was piloted in the Somerville Community to encourage family connectedness. It focuses on family skills training and emotional connection between parents and their children. The program ran successfully three times in this community with great feedback from families attending.

Download: Strengthening families program over 2 years(PDF, 144KB) 





KIDS HOPE AUS is an evidence based mentoring program aimed at developing emotional and social resilience in children, thereby enhancing their capacity to learn. The KIDS HOPE AUS model is built on a long-term partnership between a local primary school and a local church. Carefully screened and trained volunteers from the partner church mentor a child for one hour per week at the school. By supporting and building resilience in young people at a younger age we are able to create opportunities for these young people to be much more resilient later in life. Kids Hope was already running on the Mornington Peninsula, but Communities That Care successfully saw an increase in schools and church communities taking up the program over the two years of implementation.

Download: Kids Hope over 1 year(PDF, 126KB)




Social Marketing

Social Marketing

The “Take the Pledge” campaign ran for three months and included the development of a short film and pledge cards and an online platform to pledge positive change. The campaign encouraged families to make a pledge to engage in an activity or activities that focused on positive communication and valuing each other. The campaign ran successfully across the Mornington Peninsula with some great pledges made by families.

Download: Social marketing campaign over 3 months(PDF, 130KB)



CTC begins it’s fourth cycle

The Fourth CTC cycle has started with the official launch of the 2018 Communities That Care Youth Survey data now available to the general public. The data was collected from 6 primary schools and 9 secondary schools across the Mornington Peninsula. Grade 6, Year 7, 8 & 9 students were surveyed at each school. With over 4,000 young people participating.

The data highlights Risk and Protective factors, providing insight into the levels of each risk and protective factor being identified by our young people on the Mornington Peninsula. With the support of the CTC advisory committee key areas to target are identified and evidence based programs are implemented to help bring positive outcomes.

The data was launched on the 13th February to Mornington Peninsula Community with a celebration held at The Corner Youth Centre. Dr Bosco Rowland CEO of Communities That Care Australia gave an overall summary of the findings of the data.

Access the CTC Data 

The data is useful for organisations, students, research papers, local schools and funding applications working or needing access to information across the Mornington Peninsula. We have the data available in the following areas:

  • Peninsula Wide
  • Mt Eliza
  • Mornington Communities
  • Rosebud to Portsea
  • Two Bays (taking in townships from Safety beach through to Red Hill and across to Flinders)
  • Somerville, Tyabb, Baxter
  • Westernport (taking in Hastings, Cerberus, Bittern and Crib Point)

Please note local area data cannot be provided without the peninsula wide data also being provided.

For further information please email or call customer service and ask for the Communitities that Care team.