Communities That Care

Communities That Care (CTC) Mornington Peninsula is a preventative approach to improving the health and wellbeing of children and young people on the Peninsula.

CTC aims to promote the healthy development of children and young people by reducing risk factors and increasing protective factors in order to see favourable change in behaviour over time.

It does this across many areas of the Peninsula, including:

  • Somerville, Tyabb, Baxter
  • Hastings, Crib Point, Bittern, Cerberus
  • Mount Eliza
  • Mornington communities
  • Rosebud to Portsea
  • Two Bays area

CTC Community Action Plan

The CTC Community Action Plan has been adopted by Council. It will roll out evidence-based programs and initiatives over the next three years.  This is an exciting step forward for CTC and the Mornington Peninsula community. 

Read the plan here.

Communities That Care Data & Youth Survey

Data was collected from 6 primary schools and 9 secondary schools across the Peninsula. Grade 6, Year 7, 8 & 9 students were surveyed at each school. With over 4,000 young people participating. The 2018 Communities That Care Youth Survey data is available to the general public.  The data highlights risk and protective factors identified by our young people on the Peninsula. With the support of the CTC Advisory Committee key areas to target are identified and evidence-based programs are implemented to help bring positive outcomes.

CTC outcomes

Mental Health First Aid

Download: Mental Health First Aid over 2 years(PDF, 188KB)
Watch: Mental Health First Aid video.

Strengthening Family Connections

Download: Strengthening families program over 2 years(PDF, 144KB) 
Watch: Strengthening Families video.

Kids Hope 

Download: Kids Hope over 1 year(PDF, 126KB) 
Watch: Kids Hope video

Take the Pledge campaign

Download: Social marketing campaign over 3 months(PDF, 130KB) 
Watch: Take the Pledge video

Further information

For further information please email or call customer service and ask for the Communitities that Care team.