Road Maintenance

1.Road Grading

Please note: Road grading program is subject to change.

Please refer to the Road Grading Areas Map(PDF, 1022KB)
Download: Grading Program By Road - July 2015 to June 2016(PDF, 1MB)

For further information visit our section under Roads Road Grading Program

2.Road Resurfacing Program

As part of the Mornington Peninsula Shire’s Safer Local Roads Program, an extensive road resurfacing program is carried out across the Mornington Peninsula every year.

Download: FAQ Road Resurfacing(PDF, 27KB)
Download: Surfacing Program 2015 - 2016(PDF, 53KB)
Download: Weekly Resurfacing Program(PDF, 9KB)

Currently works are being undertaken to prepare the roads that have been selected this financial year for resurfacing. These works involve; isolated asphalt patching, weed spraying, filling potholes, cracks and other damage to the road surface as well as repairing kerb and channel. Following these works resurfacing will commence.

How will I know if my road is being resurfaced?

Prior to any resurfacing works commencing you will receive a notification letter approximately two (2) – five (5) days in advance which will indicate when your road is programmed to be resurfaced. The notification letter will look similar to this;

Resident Notification Letter

For further information relating to the road resurfacing program or general road maintenance issues, please contact our Safer Local Roads Team on: 5950 1500.