Smart Parking Trials

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Mornington Peninsula Shire is trialling a new smart parking approach to decrease congestion in and around townships on the Peninsula.

Smart parking aims to make accessing parking easier and more convenient.

With over 6.1 million tourists to the Mornington Peninsula annually, townships are under increasing pressure to provide a quality and fair parking experience for both visitors and residents.

By using this innovative technology, visitors and residents can drive straight to the areas where parking is available and avoid circling around looking for a car park.

Smart parking technology has been proven to reduce travel times by up to 10% and reduce car emissions in other cities and townships.

Mornington Smart Parking Trial

The Mornington Smart Parking trial is already having an impact by reducing congesting in the busy precinct and helping drivers find a car park easier.
Launched in late December 2020, 100 in-ground sensors were installed throughout Mornington and will be trialled for six months. 
Now that Main Street has been reopened, we will be relocating around 50 sensors currently on side streets to Main Street between the Esplanade and Barkly Street.
This is the second township to trial smart parking on the Peninsula. In January 2020, the Shire trialled similar technology in Rye. 

 Mornington Smart Parking Trial - Frequently Asked Questions(PDF, 110KB)

Rye Smart Parking Trial

Rye Smart Parking Trial is testing the performance of:

  • over 700 in-ground and camera car parking bay sensors
  • mobile electronic parking availability signage.

The results of the trial will be evaluated with the potential of permanently deploying the smart parking technology in Rye, as well as extending the technology to other high demand areas of the Peninsula.

Data will be collected on parking events and does not identify individuals.

Download: Rye Smart Parking Trial Zone Map(PDF, 458KB)
Download: Rye Smart Parking Trial - Frequently Asked Questions(PDF, 366KB)

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