Background Paper: RideSafe Strategy

We asked the local cyclist community and residents to provide their thoughts on a background paper: ‘Increasing Cycling Participation’ and what ideas they have to improve the cycling network on the Peninsula.
This background paper, together with the community’s feedback, will inform the development of Council’s draft RideSafe Strategy 2020 and help increase cycle participation by creating a safe, connected and low stress cycling network that respects the needs of all users.
Council adopted its previous RideSafe Strategy in 2010. RideSafe 2010 has served the Shire well in planning cycle infrastructure, seeking funding and promoting cycling on the Mornington Peninsula. 
This has resulted in an investment of $1.6 million into new cycling infrastructure and facilities, this is in addition to the Shire’s continued investment in footpaths and shared paths of over $7 million.
The background paper proposes the following strategic objectives to increase cycle participation on the Mornington Peninsula:
  • Improve the safety and reduce the risk of cycling on the network;
  • Develop and deliver an integrated and connected low stress cycling network;
  • Enhance the user experience to encourage more people to cycle; and
  • Educate, advocate and promote cycling tourism on the Mornington Peninsula.

Download: Background Paper - Increasing Cycle Participation

Download: RideSafe Strategy 2020 - DRAFT(PDF, 2MB)