Travel Time Demo Project - Summer 2018/19

The travel time demonstration project is being run again this summer to assist motorists in making informed travel choices to the southern peninsula.

Portable signage (Variable Message Sign) located at the end of the freeway (M11) will broadcast an estimate of travel times in real time for two alternative traffic routes to the southern peninsula: the coastal route of Point Nepean Road, and the inland route of Browns Road. 

Nineteen beacons installed by VicRoads along each route will detect road users with a Bluetooth-enabled device to estimate the travel times. Signage will then display constantly updated travel times of each route so drivers can make an informed decision as to which route to take.

This project will enable a detailed assessment of the effect that travel times make on driver decision making and provide evidence for determining the need for permanent travel time signs.

To enable the effective evaluation of the travel time information on drivers the portable travel time signs will alternate between displaying the travel time and no travel time information over several days at a time.

For any further information on the travel time demonstration project, please contact the Shire's Traffic and Transport team at