16 Days of Activism

16 Days of Activism is an annual campaign against gender-based violence.

Starting 25 November on the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, and finishing 10 December Human Rights Day.

The Shire is supporting Respect Victoria’s campaign which encourages us all to work together to prevent violence against women.  The campaign aligns with the Shire’s commitment in our Gender Equality Strategy 2020-2030 to increase gender equality and prevent violence against women and their children.

You can participate in a range of events across the Mornington Peninsula to show your support:

  • Come along to the Hastings Market on Thursday 23 November, 9am-1pm (outside Beach Hut Café) and be a part of an art instillation: Tree of Respect. Join the Westernport Respectful Relationships group and create a ‘Respect Is’ message on a star to be displayed on a tree which will then move to Hastings Library for the 16 Days.
    Find out more: Westernport Respectful Relationships Committee

  • Attend Mount Martha Church White Ribbon event on Saturday 25 November, 11am-3pm $12.
    Find out more: White Ribbon Day Event

  • Visit our Libraries over the 16 Days to join in a regional campaign #16DAY4KIDS.
    Find out more: 16 Days of Activism 2023 Toolkit and complete a respect colouring sheet aimed at children and young people or browse our Gender Equality curated book selection.

  • Members of community groups and individual community members can book into Upstander Training to learn essential skills to help make your community more safe, equal and respectful. This training is part of the Frankston & Mornington Peninsula Family Violence Collaborative there are two sessions available – bookings are essential.

For more information and resources about the campaign visit Respect Victoria's website.

Why are you only focusing on men’s violence against women? What about women’s violence against men?

The Shire acknowledges that violence is experienced by both men and women. All forms of violence are unacceptable. However, the majority of family violence victims in Australia are women, and this is most likely to be perpetrated by a man.  

What else is the Shire doing in the family violence space / how can I get more information?

The Shire has a long-standing commitment to working in partnership to address the gendered drivers of family violence in our community by supporting efforts in:

  • Challenging condoning of violence against women
  • Promoting women’s independence and decision-making
  • Challenging gender stereotypes and roles
  • Strengthening positive, equal and respectful relationships

Learn more on our Gender Equality and Gender Equality Strategy pages.