Elder Abuse

Elder Abuse is the mistreatment of an older person, committed by someone with whom the older person has a relationship of trust; such as a partner, family member, friend or carer.  It may be physical, sexual, social, financial or psychological and can include mistreatment and neglect.  Sometimes family, friends and carers may not realise their actions amount to Elder Abuse. 

Elder Abuse is a global social issue which affects the Health and Human Rights of millions of older persons around the world, approximately 5% of older Australians.  The real number of people suffering Elder Abuse may be high but it is perhaps the last taboo and an often hidden problem, widely unrecognized and grossly under reported around the globe.  Elder Abuse not only affects the person directly impacted, but also the wider community.
If you or someone you know is suffering Elder Abuse please phone Seniors Rights Victoria, on 1300 368 821