Alcohol harm prevention

What is alcohol harm?

We all want the Mornington Peninsula to be a community where everyone is supported to be happy and well, and our community spaces are safe and inclusive for all. Our children and young people deserve to be healthy and free from harmful influences as they grow up. 

Whether you consume alcohol or not, the harms from alcohol affect everyone in our community. 

It can lead to violence on the street and in homes, and cause accidents, injuries and deaths, particularly on our roads. It can also result in noise, litter and property damage, and make community members feel less safe in certain areas. 

Alcohol can also cause long-term health problems, like heart-disease, cancer and poor mental health. 

Harms from alcohol:

  • Causes liver disease, heart disease and seven types of cancer, including breast and bowel cancer.
  • Increases the risk of assaults, road accidents, injuries and deaths.
  • Contributes to family violence by increasing how often it occurs and its severity.
  • Contributes to mental health conditions and increases the risk of suicide. 

What do we know about the impacts of alcohol in our community?

In 2023, with funding from VicHealth, the Shire engaged consultants to prepare a Community Alcohol Profile, bringing together all the available data about how alcohol is impacting the health, wellbeing and safety of our community. 

Download and view our Community Alcohol Profile. (PDF, 2MB)

Alcohol harms in the Mornington Peninsula – what we know so far:

  • Alcohol causes more than 1,300 people to go to hospital and more than 700 people to need an ambulance each year, a higher rate than in other Melbourne areas.
  • Alcohol contributes to family violence, which is at high levels and increasing.
  • Alcohol puts young people at higher risk of being injured or assaulted, especially during schoolies, weekends and summer holidays.
  • For adults older than 30, alcohol is more likely to cause long-term health problems, such as cancer and other diseases.
  • Alcohol support services are having trouble keeping up with the number of people seeking help.
  • More alcohol companies are marketing and selling alcohol online. This has increased the supply of alcohol in the community and the risk of harm in people’s homes.

What is the Shire doing to prevent alcohol harm in the Mornington Peninsula?

The more we understand the impacts of alcohol in the Mornington Peninsula, the better we can develop strategies to help make our community healthier and safer.

There are clear opportunities to reduce alcohol harms and create safer and more inclusive community spaces in the Mornington Peninsula. These include strategies such educating the community about alcohol harms, ensuring alcohol support services are available for people who need them and offering alcohol-free events and activities for our community and staff members.

Need support?

If you or someone you know is suffering from alcohol addiction or experiencing family violence, you can reach out to the following not-for-profit community services for support, information and referral:
  • Peninsula Health (multiple locations) - specialises in community health, rehabilitation and specialist services. Call 1300 665 781 or visit
  • Alcoholics Anonymous Australia (multiple locations) - Call 1300 222 222 or visit
  • Safe Steps Response Centre - seek help from family violence 24-hours a day. Call 1800 015 188 or visit
  • Southern Peninsula Community Support (878 Point Nepean Road, Rosebud)
    Call 5986 1285 or visit
  • Mornington Community Support Centre (320 Main Street, Mornington)
    Call 5975 1644 or visit
  • Western Port Community Support (185 High Street, Hastings)
    Call 5979 2762 or visit