Committees of Management

Good relationships with the community is essential in ensuring Shire facilities are used, enjoyed, appreciated and developed by all. A Committee of Management’s role therefore is to assist the Shire in providing facilities (Halls and Reserves) that best suit the community’s needs.

The Shire works closely with Hall and Reserve Committees of Management via the Recreation Community Partnerships (RCP) Team.

Halls and Reserves Committees of Management typically consist of representatives of regular user groups/clubs of the facility and community representatives. Shire Councillors and officers from the RCP team are invited to attend all meetings.

Once a Committee of Management is formally established by council, all members appointed to a committee are required to adhere to the powers, duties and functions provided under its Instrument of Delegation and observe and adhere to these guidelines.

In summary, Hall and Reserve Committees of Management are required to:

  • Operate within the terms of the Instrument of Delegation
  • Govern meetings in accordance with the Act
  • Maintain records
  • Adhere to the rules of conduct applicable to committees that are stipulated in the Act, the Shire’s Meeting Local Laws and the guidelines provided in the Shire’s Committees of Management Handbook (below).

Committee of Management Handbook

A “how to” set of guidelines in the operation of a committee of management including meeting protocols.
Download Committee-of-Management-Handbook.pdf(PDF, 415KB)

View a current List of S.86 Committees of Management – Shire Halls and Sport Reserves
Download Committee-of-Management-List-of-Committees.pdf(PDF, 43KB)

Conflict of Interest

Members need to be aware what constitutes a conflict of interest and therefore where and how to declare one. Visit the DTPLI website (link below) for step by step guidelines.

Committee of Management Meeting Schedule

The current schedule of meetings indicates when committees are regularly scheduled to meet, including the Shire officer responsible for each of these committees.

Download Committee of Management Meeting Schedule

For any queries relating to the current S.86 Committees of Management that the Recreation Community Partnerships Team is responsible for, please contact us on 1300 850 600 or 5971 9315.