Youth Encouragement Grants

The program opens on 1 July each year and closes on 15 June the following year or when funds are exhausted

Opening Date Applications open on1 July 2021
Aims / Outcomes

To provide financial assistance to young people who are representing their sport or field of expertise in national or international competition.


Individual applications can be made for up to $150 towards the costs of competing nationally or $300 towards the costs of competing internationally.

Team applications can be made for up to $250 towards the costs of competing nationally or $500 towards the costs of competing internationally.

A further 20% funding consideration may be made for applicants with a Centrelink issued Health Care Card or Pensioner Concession Card. 

Grant guidelines Download the Youth Encouragement Grants(PDF, 150KB) guidelines.


About this grant

Youth Encouragement Grants provide financial assistance for individuals competing at elite levels, as part of an affiliated state or national event or international activity/event in any of the following categories:

  • sporting events,
  • performing arts,
  • visual arts,
  • science and technology and  
  • other competitive events or activities.



Specific criteria for the grant includes:

  • Submission of a summary of expenses indicating a breakdown of costs and financial assistance from other sources;
  • Include a letter or other official documentation from the peak body in your application that confirms the event or activity is of state, national or international standard and that you have been selected or invited to participate in the event.
  • Provide a broad outline of how this activity is critical to your development or ongoing success; and
  • Evidence or statement that outlines financial constraints that would mean you could not undertake this activity or participate without this grant.

Download the Youth Encouragement Grants(PDF, 150KB) guidelines for more information


Minimum eligibility requirements to be considered for funding. Refer to the Youth Encouragement Grants(PDF, 150KB) guidelines for full eligibility.

Applications will be assessed based on:

  • The applicant has limited capacity to self-fund the total cost;
  • The grant is a contribution to the overall, not entire, costs;
  • Must be a permanent Mornington Peninsula Shire resident of school age up to 18 years;
  • Applicants will only be eligible for one grant per year and can only apply every three years;
  • Gained a place in the competition through winning events (rather than simply entering), or by being invited or selected to be involved in a state, national or international activity by the relevant governing or organising body.


Applicants must provide an acquittal report on the experience, use of funds and how the grant benefitted the individual or team within 6 weeks of the event.