Single Use Plastic Grant

Closed 10 June 2022, 05:00 PM

Opening Date 31 January 2022
Aims / Outcomes

Supporting community groups, organisations and schools to deliver projects or activities that deliver objectives from the Shire’s Single-Use Plastic Policy, and drive community action to phase out problem plastics.  


Organisations can apply for between $1000 and $5000 of funding to support projects and activities that reduce Single-use Plastics. 

Grant guidelines Download the Single Use Plastic Grant(PDF, 260KB) guidelines  


About this grant

The Shire has committed to phasing out single-use plastics and reducing the impacts of litter on our bays, foreshore, parks, and reserves.

This grant supports community groups, organisations and schools to deliver projects or activities that deliver objectives from the Shire’s Single-Use Plastic Policy, and drive community action to phase out problem plastics. 

Help us work towards a zero waste future, protect the Peninsula’s environment and reduce the impacts of litter on our bays, foreshores, parks and reserves. 

Download: Single Use Plastic Grant Guidelines(PDF, 260KB)

Download: Single Use Plastics Implementation Plan Template(DOCX, 22KB)



General assessment for this grant includes:

  • Project, service or programs that fulfil the objective(s) within the Single-use Plastic Policy;
  • Projects/programs and activities that will work to phase out at least one of the following single-use plastic items within their community group or organisation: plastic bags; straws; cutlery; crockery; drinkware; stirrers; takeaway containers; individual condiments; balloons; glitter; bottled water containers; polystyrene, coffee cups, merchandise, cling wrap and individually wrapped items. 4 | P a g e Mornington Peninsula Shire Single-Use Plastics Grant Guidelines
  • Projects or activities with a Single-use Plastic Implementation Plan
  • Projects/programs and activities that educate and drive community action and have a measurable impact on reducing problematic plastics.
  • Project/programs that identify with the relevant strategic plan/s in other areas as nominated on Page 1.
  • Proposal to share the results of the activities back to Council and the community through reports, community newsletter article(s), social media post or other relevant methods. 


General Eligibility:
All applications must meet the general eligibility criteria listed below, in addition to the program specific eligibility criteria.
  • All projects, programs and activities nominated in the application must take place within the Mornington Peninsula Shire Local Government area;
  • The organisation/applicant must have an adequate level of public liability insurance relevant to the project;
  • The organisation/applicant must not be in debt to the Council and must have acquitted or is compliant with all grants previously awarded by Council;
  • Projects must align with one or more of Council’s strategic themes of: Our Place; Our Connectivity; Our Prosperity and Our Wellbeing;
  • Landowner permission has been granted (if applicable)

Specific Eligibility:

  • Community groups, non-for-profit organisations, charities, social enterprises or schools, where the program or activity is located in public spaces or premises.
  • One application per community group, non-for profit organisation, charities, social enterprise or school will be accepted.
  • Projects and activities that directly eliminates problematic single-use plastics, including purchase of reusable items and behaviour change programs. 

Refer to the Guidelines(PDF, 260KB) information to understand more about the Single-Use Plastics Grant.    


  • All projects must be completed within 12 months of receipt of funding;
  • A report and photographs (with consent from individuals in pictures) is required as evidence of the execution of the project, expenditure and outcomes;
  • The report must include project outcomes, variations, learnings and final budget;
  • Applicants will be notified via email when the acquittal form is available via SmartyGrants;
  • Applicants will receive a reminder email prior to the acquittal due date. Variation to Funded Projects
  • Projects unable to be delivered within the 12-month timeframe must contact the Community Grants Officer. All requests must be in writing to;
  • If a project is to be discontinued or the grant funds no longer required, the funds must be repaid to the Shire.