Creative Economy Grant

Opening Date 13 July 2022
 Closing Date 12 September 2022

To build creativity, cultural capacity and vitality in our communities


Eligible applicants may seek up to $10,000

Grant guidelines Download the program guidelines - Theme 2: A robust, innovative and diverse economy(PDF, 413KB)


Applications must align to the Council and Wellbeing Plan Theme 2 and achieve one or more of the priorities below.

Creative Economy Grant Priorities





  1. Arts and culture engagement programs
  2. Indigenous Arts and cultural Practices
  3. Public Art and exhibitions
  4. Priorities identified in the Arts and Culture Plan Arts and Culture Plan 2024 - Arts and Culture on the Mornington Peninsula (
  5. Priorities identified in the Music Plan Music Plan 2025 - Arts and Culture on the Mornington Peninsula (


Council and Wellbeing Plan
Proposed project demonstrates alignment to the Council and Wellbeing Plan Theme 2.

Creative Economy Grant Priorities
The proposed project will:

  • contribute to one or more Creative Economy Grant Program priorities listed in this table in the left column. and
  • achieve (if required) approval from the Mornington Peninsula Shire’s Public Art Assessment Panel

Cultural creativity
The degree to which the proposed project

  • Supports artists and organisations explore and create innovative new work
  • provides measurable economic benefit and the opportunity to showcase the region to a broader audience
  • increases a sense of identity, place and engagement across key diversity groups,
  • Involves local businesses and contributes to local employment

Feasibility of the project
The project able to be delivered including approved permits, permissions or licenses.

Capacity of Applicant
The Applicant has demonstrated capacity, skills and experience to deliver the project.

Applicant budget for delivery of the project is realistic and shows volunteer in-kind contribution as well as co-contribution.



Refer to pages 2 and 3 of the guidelines. 

A completed Public Art Proposal Form must have been submitted to the public art Panel with your application for a grant. 

            See link:  Public Art - Mornington Peninsula Shire (


  1. Eligible organisations include, Incorporated Associations, Not For Profits (NFP), Registered Charities, commercial businesses, Sole Traders and individuals (for this purpose may be an artist or producer) where specified.  There may be required eligibility criteria for a grant program so ensure you refer to the specific grant eligibility.
  2. Organisations are limited to one grant within a financial year, if successful in the application process.  Decisions are based on merit.  Flexi Grants are an exception enabling an organisation to apply for an additional grant to meet a community need.  Flexi Grants will remain open all year, closing mid-June and / or until funds have been expended. 
  3. Applicant organisations must be registered, solvent and have adequate level of public liability insurance relevant to the activity.  (note unincorporated community groups must use an auspice organisation to apply).
  4. If an incorporated organisation is acting as an auspice organisation, it must only support two unincorporated organisations per financial year.

    The applicant or auspice organisation must not be in debt and must be compliant with all grants previously awarded by Council.

  5. All projects, programs and activities must take place with the Mornington Peninsula Shire Local Government Area
  6. An applicant school or learning institution may apply only where the project is not curriculum based, or where the activity or benefit is not confined to the learning institution but is for the primary benefit of the wider community.
  7. Retrospective funding for activities, programs, projects / events that have already been started or have been completed will not be eligible.


  • Successfully funded projects/programs will receive a Funding Agreement.  Major funding agreements must be signed by all parties.  All projects and programs, unless specifically funded for multiple years, must be completed by the end of the financial year in which they received the funding or in accordance with their funding agreement.
  • Extension for project delays need to be approved by the Program manager for the Grant Program.
  • The Funding Agreement will reference an Acquittal, which must be completed in full by the due date.