Business Development Grant

Opening Date 13 July 2022
 Closing Date 12 September 2022

To enable business growth and improvements


Eligible businesses may seek up to $5,000

Grant guidelines Download the program guidelines - Theme 2:A robust, innovative and diverse economy(PDF, 413KB)



Applications must align to the Council and Wellbeing Plan Theme 2 and achieve one or more of the priorities below. 

Business Development Grant Priorities





  1. E-commerce growth
  2. Detailed Business Planning
  3. Accessible business improvements for people with disabilities


Council and Wellbeing Plan
Proposed project/program demonstrates alignment to the Council and Wellbeing Plan Theme 2: A robust, innovative and diverse economy.

Business Development Grant Priorities

Proposed project/program will contribute to one of the Business Development Grant Program priorities listed in this table in the left column.

Business growth

Proposed project demonstrates potential for growth of business through implementation / improvement of:

  • E-commerce
  • Detail Business Planning
  • Accessible business improvement for people with disabilities

Feasibility of the project
The project is able to be delivered. This includes permits, permissions or licenses.

Capacity of Applicant

The Applicant has demonstrated capacity, skills and experience to deliver the project.


Applicant budget for delivery of the project is realistic and shows volunteer in-kind contribution as well as co-contribution.

  1. Goods or services procured from local suppliers will be viewed favourably
  2. Quotes for work are required to be attached to applications





Refer to pages 2 and 3 of the guidelines.

  • Only businesses with the equivalent of 5 full time staff or less are eligible to apply (sole traders can apply).
  • Purchases of equipment, including but not limited to, laptops, PCs, printers, personal devices, smart or mobile phones are ineligible for funding.



    • Successfully funded projects/programs will receive a Funding Agreement.  Major funding agreements must be signed by all parties.  All projects and programs, unless specifically funded for multiple years, must be completed by the end of the financial year in which they received the funding or in accordance with their funding agreement.
    • Extension for project delays need to be approved by the Program manager for the Grant Program.
    • The Funding Agreement will reference an Acquittal, which must be completed in full by the due date.