Business Continuity Planning and Expansion Grant

Closed 26 November 2021, 05:00 PM

Opening Date   Applications open on 25 October 2021
Aims / Outcomes

Engage professional services for:

  • Business and financial planning
  • Product development
  • Diversification
  • Marketing strategy development

Maximum value of $3,000 per application

Grant guidelines Download the Business and Economy Recovery Guidelines(PDF, 288KB)


About this grant

The Business and Economy Recovery Grant program is designed to provide funding assistance to individual Mornington Peninsula small businesses to strengthen resilience and build capacity in the current COVID economy.


Refer to guidelines(PDF, 288KB) for full eligibility details

  • Provision of quote and ABN for the professional services
  • Demonstration of the capacity and expertise of the professional services to undertake and deliver the project


Reference guidelines(PDF, 288KB)  for full eligibility.


  • Must be completed within 12 months of funding and a report on outcomes provided back to Council. 
  • Applicants will be notified via email when the acquittal form is available via SmartyGrants
  • Applicants will receive a reminder email prior to the acquittal due date