Disability Inclusion Plan

The Shire’s Disability Inclusion Plan 2018-22 aims to achieve a vision of working in partnership to achieve access and inclusion for people with a disability across the Mornington Peninsula.

The Disability Inclusion Plan (DIP) aligns strongly with our Council Plan and Municipal Public Health and Wellbeing Plan as well as other local, state and national policy directions. 

The DIP was developed over a 12 month period including extensive community engagement, and with support of the Disability Advisory Committee (DAC). The DIP provides Council with a framework to improve access, equity and inclusion for people with disability.

Almost one in five Australians live with disability.[1] This includes more than one million Victorians, and more than 28,000 people across the Mornington Peninsula Shire.

The DIP builds upon the achievements of the Disability Action Plan 2013–2017, which included:

  • Access and inclusion audits undertaken in key activity areas and facilities
  • Installation of accessible drinking fountains across townships
  • Review of strategic planning documents to incorporate accessibility considerations
  • Ongoing implementation of Council’s Scooter RECHARGE scheme
  • Update and dissemination of Mobility Maps for key townships
  • Implementation of beach matting to increase access at Mount Martha beach
  • Implementation of Sexual Lives and Respectful Relationships project, including recruitment of person with an intellectual disability as a Council employee
  • Support and advocacy for carers groups including funding submissions
  • Delivery of All Abilities Day events for International Day of People with a Disability
  • Support for implementation of Changing Places toilets in public places
  • Conversion of key Council Plans into accessible formats
  • Training for staff on disability inclusion and how to communicate with everyone

The Disability Inclusion Plan 2018 – 2022 focuses on the following six key areas:

  • Key Area 1 - Physical and Built Environment
  • Key Area 2 - Transport
  • Key Area 3 - Information and Communication
  • Key Area 4 - Leisure and Recreation
  • Key Area 5 - Employment, Education and participation
  • Key Area 6 - Support Services

You can download the Disability Inclusion Plan by clicking on the links provided below, alternatively contact 5950 1000 for further information.

Download: Disability Inclusion Plan 2018-2022(DOCX, 783KB)

Download: Disability Inclusion Plan 2018-2022(PDF, 702KB)

Further information can be found on Council's Disability Advisory Committee here.

[1] Australian Bureau of Statistics, Disability, Ageing and Carers, Australia: Summary of Findings (2015).