Disability Inclusion Plan

The Shire’s Disability Inclusion Plan 2018-22 is about improving access and inclusion for people with a disability across the Mornington Peninsula.

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The Disability Inclusion Plan (DIP) is linked to our Council and Wellbeing Plan as well as other local, state and national plans. 

The DIP took 12 months to develop with the help of the Disability Advisory Committee (DAC) and the broader community.

At least one million Victorians, and 28,000 people across the Mornington Peninsula Shire have some sort of disability.

The Disability Inclusion Plan 2018 – 2022 focuses on the following six key areas:

  • Key Area 1 - Physical and Built Environment
  • Key Area 2 - Transport
  • Key Area 3 - Information and Communication
  • Key Area 4 - Leisure and Recreation
  • Key Area 5 - Employment, Education and participation
  • Key Area 6 - Support Services

You can download the Disability Inclusion Plan and Annual Action Plans by clicking on the links provided below, alternatively contact 5950 1000  or access@mornpen.vic.gov.au for further information.

Download: Disability Inclusion Plan 2018-2022 Easy Read Version(PDF, 8MB)

Download: Disability Inclusion Plan 2018-2022 Summary Version(PDF, 44MB)

Download: Disability Inclusion Plan 2018-2022 Full Version - Word(DOCX, 790KB)

Download: Disability Inclusion Plan 2018 - 2022 Final Report(DOCX, 236KB)