Children's Services Policies


Mornington Peninsula Shire Family Day Care provides regulated home based child care for children from birth until the end of Primary School. Educators are individual licensees to the Shire and therefore set their own fees and charges. Family Day Care can provide many different care types including: full time, part time, casual, occasional, before and after school, school holidays, weekends, evenings and overnight where eligibility is met.

Educators Where reference is made to Educators, this refers to all Early Childhood Professionals who work with or on behalf of children and their families in our programs.

Manager, Child Youth and Family Care and Team Leader Education and Care Where reference is made the Manager, Child Youth and Family Care and/or Team Leader Education and Care, please refer below:

  • Manager, Child Youth and Family Care: Louise Wilkins
  • Team Leader Education and Care: Suzy Stephens

Service Coordinators Where reference is made to the service coordinator, please refer below:

  • Education and Care Children’s Services Advisors: Crystal Boothby and Claire Graves

Government Legislation Each service is governed by a variety of authorities and measures. Scheme policies and procedures are based on requirements of the authorities as well as what has been determined best practice by experts in the particular area.

Such authorities include 

  1. Education and Care Services National Regulations

  2. Children’s Services Act 1996

  3. Education and Care Services National Law Act 2010

  4. Department of Education and Training (DET)

  5. Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations (DEEWR)

  6. Australian Government Child Care Support System including Family Assistance legislation

  7. National Quality Framework

  8. Mornington Peninsula Shire – Local Government

    Act and Regulations to be available The Education and Care National Regulations requires that a copy of the Education and Care Service National Regulations and a copy of the Education and Care Services National Law Act is available and accessible at the service premises at all times (Regulation 185)

    Policies and Procedures to be available The Education and Care National Regulations requires that a copy of the service policies and procedures is available and accessible at the service premises at all times (Regulation 171)


View our Children's Services Policies

A - E

Download Acceptance_and_Refusal_of_Authorisation_Policy.pdf(PDF, 214KB)
Download Access-to-Children-Policy-including-Delivery-and-Collection-policy.pdf(PDF, 191KB)
Download Medication-Administration-Policy.pdf(PDF, 430KB)
Download Administration-and-Record-Keeping-Policy.pdf(PDF, 185KB)
Download Anaphylaxis-Policy.pdf(PDF, 267KB)
Download Animal-Policy.pdf(PDF, 145KB)
Download Asthma-Management-Policy.pdf(PDF, 221KB)

Download Child-Safe-Policy.pdf(PDF, 242KB)
Download Children-Attending-Kindergarten-and-Primary-School-Policy.pdf(PDF, 162KB)
Download Clothing-and-Comfort-Policy.pdf(PDF, 225KB)
Download Code-of-Conduct.pdf(PDF, 298KB)
Download Complaints-Grievances-and-No-Bulling-Policy.pdf(PDF, 235KB)

Download Dangerous-and-Toxic-Products-Policy.pdf(PDF, 227KB)
Download Dental-Health-Policy.pdf(PDF, 232KB)
Download Diabetes-Management-Policy.pdf(PDF, 207KB)
Download Diversity-and-Equity-Policy.pdf(PDF, 201KB)

Download Educational-Program-and-Practice-Policy.pdf(PDF, 245KB)
Download Educator-Assistant-Policy-Family-Day-Care.pdf(PDF, 189KB)
Download Electronic-Media-Policy.pdf(PDF, 201KB)
Download Emergency-Management-and-Evacuation-Policy.pdf(PDF, 231KB)
Download Engaging-Early-Childhood-Educators-Volunteers-Students-Policy.pdf(PDF, 210KB)
Download Enrolment-Booking-and-Orientation-Policy.pdf(PDF, 221KB)
Download Environmental-Sustainability-Policy.pdf(PDF, 168KB)
Download Epilepsy-Management-Policy.pdf(PDF, 230KB)
Download Equipment-and-Toys-Policy.pdf(PDF, 227KB)
Download Exclusion-periods-for-infectious-diseases-table.pdf(PDF, 253KB)
Download Excursion-Transport-Policy.pdf(PDF, 443KB)

F - O

Download Fees-Payment-and-Timesheet-Policy.pdf(PDF, 240KB)
Download First-Aid-Policy.pdf(PDF, 232KB)
Download Food-Handling-Policy.pdf(PDF, 201KB)

Download Governance-and-Management-of-Services.pdf(PDF, 163KB)

Download Healthy-Eating-Policy.pdf(PDF, 557KB)
Download High-Fire-Danger-Day-Policy.pdf(PDF, 275KB)
Download Home-Visit-Policy-Family-Day-Care.pdf(PDF, 246KB)
Download Hygiene-Infection-Control-Including-Immunisation-and-Health-Related-Exclusion-Policy.pdf(PDF, 240KB)

Download Illness-Policy.pdf(PDF, 277KB)
Download Incident-Injury-and-Trauma-Policy.pdf(PDF, 194KB)
Download Interactions-with-Children-Policy.pdf(PDF, 279KB)

Download Leave-Policy-Family-Day-Care.pdf(PDF, 201KB)

Download Maintenance-and-Safety-of-Facilities-Policy.pdf(PDF, 161KB)
Download Media-Policy.pdf(PDF, 216KB)
Download Medical-Conditions-Policy.pdf(PDF, 222KB)

Download Numbers-of-Children-in-Care-Policy.pdf(PDF, 212KB)

Download Occupational-Health-and-Safety-Policy.pdf(PDF, 436KB)

P - Z

Download Play-Sessions-Policy-Family-Day-Care.pdf(PDF, 173KB)
Download Police-Records-Check-Policy.pdf(PDF, 235KB)
Download Policy-and-Procedure-Writing-Policy.pdf(PDF, 185KB)
Download Privacy-Confidentiality-Policy.pdf(PDF, 194KB)
Download Professional-Development-Policy.pdf(PDF, 162KB)
Download Provision-of-Child-Care.pdf(PDF, 114KB)

Download Remuneration-Terms-and-Conditions-Policy-2017.pdf(PDF, 204KB)

Download Rest-and-Sleep-Policy.pdf(PDF, 233KB)
Download Role-of-Educators-Family-Members-Policy-Family-Day-Care.pdf(PDF, 221KB)

Download Safety-Policy-Family-Day-Care.pdf(PDF, 215KB)
Download Smoke-Free-Environment-Policy.pdf(PDF, 192KB)
Download Sudden-Unexpected-Death-of-a-Child-Policy.pdf(PDF, 213KB)
Download Sun-Protection-Policy.pdf(PDF, 211KB)
Download Supervision-Policy.pdf(PDF, 208KB)

Download Supported-Playgroup-Policy.pdf(PDF, 199KB)

Download Toileting-and-Bathing-Policy.pdf(PDF, 237KB)

Download Visitors-to-the-Education-and-Care-Service-Policy.pdf(PDF, 185KB)

Download Water-Play-Policy.pdf(PDF, 218KB)
Download Working-with-Children-Check-Policy.pdf(PDF, 207KB)