Rye Township Plan

The Rye Township Plan will set out the long-term strategic vision for the town, providing a holistic view of the township including the foreshore, Point Nepean Road and commercial centre.

Public consultation is now OPEN until 2 October 2017. 

 To view the plan and have your say, click this link

Council has prepared the Rye Township Plan , which sets out the long-term strategic vision for the township of Rye. The plan provides a holistic view of the township including the foreshore, Point Nepean Road and commercial centre.

Development of the plan involved the combination of current Council plans including the Rye Foreshore Landscape MasterplanRye Movement and Place Plan and the Rye Urban Design Framework to create a singular and comprehensive plan for Rye.

This process has presented Council with an a chance to check in with local community members and key stakeholders about current issues in Rye, and to work with the community to create a vision that will inform the plan and guide future works in the township.

Opportunity is still available to be involved in the preparation of the plan, if you are interested then please have your say, both in person or online.

Council is keen to identify and develop an identity for Rye that ensures that the township is a vibrant and positive place to live, work and play. Community input in the process is key to achieving this outcome.

The draft Rye Township Plan is now out on public exhibition, OPEN until 2 October 2017.

To view the plan and have your say, please go to this page for more details. 


What is the Rye Township Plan?

The Rye Township Plan provides the strategic vision for the future of Rye. It will develop a strong identity for the township, and suggest improvement works throughout the town centre, Point Nepean Road and foreshore areas.

The plan is comprehensive, and will ensure all future public works in Rye are in line with the overall vision for the area.

Some of the topics considered by the plan include:

  • Location of carparking, camping and picnic facilities
  • Point Nepean Road streetscape improvements
  • Open space and recreation
  • Landscaping
  • Pedestrian, vehicle and bicycle connections
  • Access to the water
  • Public realm improvements in the town centre

What is the process for developing the Rye Township Plan?

Development of the plan will consider previous strategic work undertaken in Rye, including the Rye Foreshore Landscape Masterplan, Rye Movement and Place Plan and the Rye Urban Design Framework, as well as feedback from local community members and businesses.

The project team met with local community groups and members to develop a vision for the future of Rye, and to identify the key issues and concerns to be addressed by the Plan. The information and feedback received during the community drop in sessions held earlier in the year were invaluable to the preparation of the current plan. 

The plan is now out on public exhibition. Council invites you to view the plan and make a submission if you wish.

 All feedback received during the consultation process will inform the final concepts and structure of the plan. 

For more information about how you can be involved in the process see the have your say section below.

What about the other plans that have been adopted for Rye?

Council has prepared a number of previous plans that relate to the areas to be covered by the Rye Township Plan, including:

As part of the processes of developing the Rye Township Plan, these plans have been analysed and the key concepts incorporated into the broader Rye Township Plan.

Moving forward, the Rye Township Plan will replace all existing plans as the guiding document for the Rye Foreshore, Town Centre and Point Nepean Road areas. This will ensure there is one comprehensive plan that addresses current issues and provides a clear vision for the future of Rye.

How will the proposed projects within the Rye Township Plan be funded?

All works proposed within the plan are subject to budget approval. Having a strong and cohesive plan that clearly sets the vision for the future of Rye will increase the likelihood of greater funding being provided to each of the individual projects.

The plan will include delivery priorities and cost estimates for each of the individual projects, and will also identify budget sources.

Funding for some projects may come from external sources. Having a strategic plan that includes best practice design, and that is supported by both the community and Council may assist in securing such funding.

How long will it take for projects within the Rye Township Plan to be rolled out?

The Rye Township Plan will set the long-term vision for Rye, and is focussed on what Rye will become in the next 10-20 years. For this reason, the plan will set out a range of projects, which will have different priorities in terms of when they should be completed.

Some projects will be rolled out immediately, and can be acted on once the plan is completed. Other more significant projects are likely to require grants and funding assistance from other government agencies and other sources. It may take slightly longer for these elements of the plan to be rolled out.

Who is responsible for the implementation of the plan?

Council will be responsible for implementing a large majority of the works and projects contained within the plan. However, there will be elements and projects that will require input from multiple agencies and stakeholders.