C262morn - Individually significant places in the Heritage Review

Individually significant places in the Heritage Review Area 3 study in Blairgowrie, Portsea and Sorrento

Proposed HO Number

Description of Place

 Property Address

 HO466 Woodlands 12 Derrick Street, Blairgowrie(PDF, 250KB)
 HO467 House 15 The Loop, Blairgowrie(PDF, 381KB)
 HO468 Paterson House(former) 4 Tallarook Street, Blairgowrie(PDF, 247KB)
 HO469 Longford Cottage(Other name Montfort Cottage) 1 Brooke Crescent Blairgowrie(PDF, 353KB)
 HO471 Belle Rives(former Jensen House) 26 Back Beach Road Portsea(PDF, 307KB)
 HO472 Summer Pavilion prototype(former Haysom House) 100 Back Beach Road Portsea(PDF, 256KB)
 HO473 Nagari (former O'Dwyer House) 21-23 Blair Road Portsea(PDF, 298KB)
 HO474 Osborne House 33 Campbells Road Portsea(PDF, 296KB)
 HO475 Cove House 14 Cove Avenue Portsea(PDF, 134KB)
 HO476 Watt House (former) 2-4 Elizabeth Road Portsea(PDF, 229KB)
 HO477 The Diary 53 Franklin Road Portsea(PDF, 558KB)
 HO478 Brasch House (former) (other name:Montauk) 11 Grosvenor Court Portsea(PDF, 268KB)
 HO479 McIntosh House (former) (other name: Merrylands) 6 Merrylands Avenue Portsea(PDF, 203KB)
 HO480 Nicholas House (former)(other name: Meriama) 8 Merrylands Avenue Portsea(PDF, 248KB)
 HO481 Paton House (former) 10 Macgregor Avenue Portsea(PDF, 259KB)
 HO482 St Thomas Catholic Church 3715 Point Nepean Road Portsea(PDF, 416KB)
 HO483 House 3861-3863 Point Nepean Road Portsea(PDF, 384KB)
 HO484 Relph Avenue Cypress Grove Road Reserve Relph Avenue Portsea(PDF, 283KB)
 HO485 Harbour Gate Flats 3720 Point Nepean Road Portsea(PDF, 458KB)
 HO486 Two Portsea Shopfronts 3750 - 3752 Point Nepean Road Portsea(PDF, 217KB)
HO487 Rovina (former Watkins House) 3808 Point Nepean Road Portsea(PDF, 281KB)
HO489 Sorrento House servant's quarters 11 Boroondara Road Sorrento(PDF, 199KB)
HO490  St Joseph's Primary School 1-17 Constitution Hill Road Sorrento(PDF, 315KB)
HO491 St Mary's Presbytery and Mission House 1-17 Constitution Hill Road Sorrento(PDF, 298KB)
HO492 Vermont 27 Coppin Road Sorrento(PDF, 327KB)
HO493 House 29 Coppin Road Sorrento(PDF, 210KB)
HO494 Linlithgow 36-38 Darling Road Sorrento(PDF, 330KB)
HO495 Kooyna Hotel (former Mornington Hotel) 1 Esplanade Sorrento(PDF, 688KB)
HO496 Dalwhinnie 17 Esplanade Sorrento(PDF, 204KB)
HO497 House 115 Hemston Avenue Sorrento(PDF, 237KB)
HO498 Sorrento Hotel (other name:Hotel Sorrento) 5-7 Hotham Road Sorrento(PDF, 558KB)
HO499 Police Station and Residence (former Sorrento Police Station) 12 Hotham Road Sorrento(PDF, 305KB)
HO500 Hurstwood 92 Hurstwood Road Sorrento(PDF, 198KB)
HO505 Brumby House (former) 11 James Street Sorrento(PDF, 329KB)
HO506 Sorrento Primary School 32 Kerferd Avenue Sorrento(part)(PDF, 848KB)
HO507 St Andrew's Presbyterian Church and Ellen Grant Hall 39-41 Kerferd Road Sorrento(PDF, 427KB)
HO508 House 6 King Street Sorrento(PDF, 230KB)
HO509 Community museum (former Mechanics Institute) 827 Melbourne Road Sorrento(PDF, 677KB)
HO510 House 849 Melbourne Road Sorrento(PDF, 776KB)
HO511 Hill Holme 855-865 Melbourne Road Sorrento(PDF, 600KB)
HO512 Eastcliff 881 Melbourne Road Sorrento(PDF, 371KB)
HO513 Riley House (former) 4 Morgan Street Sorrento(PDF, 399KB)
HO514 The Haven 4-6 Netley Avenue Sorrento(PDF, 286KB)
HO515 Mendes House (former)  8 Netley Avenue Sorrento(PDF, 454KB)
HO516 Sorrento Cemetery 78 Normanby Road Sorrento(PDF, 322KB)
HO517 Stringers Stores 2-4 and 6-8 Ocean Beach Road Sorrento(PDF, 2MB)
HO518 Sorrento Post and Telegraph Office (former) 10-16 Ocean Beach Road Sorrento(PDF, 395KB)
HO519 Oriental Coffee Palace (former) 18-24 Ocean Beach Road Sorrento(PDF, 525KB)
HO520 Watts Cottage (other name Ilfracombe) 165 Ocean Beach Road Sorrento(PDF, 762KB)
HO521 Whitehall (Guesthouse) 235 Ocean Beach Road Sorrento(PDF, 1MB)
HO522 Prangeville 34-36 Ossett Street Sorrento(PDF, 301KB)
HO523 Sayers House (former) 42-46 Ozone Avenue Sorrento(PDF, 312KB)
HO524 Newberry Hill 3039 Point Nepean Road Sorrento(PDF, 217KB)
HO525 The Sisters 3073 point Nepean Road Sorrento(PDF, 394KB)
HO527 North Esk 3251 Point Nepean Road Sorrento(PDF, 281KB)
HO528 Sorrento Masonic Centre 3385 Point Nepean Road Sorrento(PDF, 188KB)  
HO529 Sorrento Foreshore and Bandstand Sorrento Foreshore off Point Nepean Road Sorrento(PDF, 563KB)
HO530 Anglican Vicarage (former) 3399 Point Nepean Road Sorrento(PDF, 417KB)
HO531 Sorrento House (other name: Sorrento Rest House) 3409 Point Nepean Road Sorrento(PDF, 281KB)
HO532  Old Butcher's Shop (former) 3421 Point Nepean Road Sorrento(PDF, 190KB)
HO533  Ferndale Cottage 3461 Point Nepean Road Sorrento(PDF, 551KB)
HO534 CP3 Pioneer Porject houses (other name : Portsea Cottages) 3482 Point Nepean Road Sorrento(PDF, 224KB)
 HO535 Paroroo (other name: Warraweena 3489 Point Nepean Road Sorrento(PDF, 237KB)
 HO536 St Pauls Road General Store 69 St Paul's Road Sorrento(PDF, 258KB)  
 HO537 Shop (former Dairy) 71 St Paul's Road Sorrento(PDF, 263KB)


Individually significant places in the Heritage Review Area 3 study in Arthurs Seat, Rosebud, Somerville and Tyabb


HO403 Hajek House 40 Nestle Court Arthurs Seat(PDF, 204KB)
HO432 Foreshore Cottages

874 & 876Point Nepean Road Rosebud(PDF, 183KB)

HO434 Foreshore Cottages 1 Bucher Place Rosebud & 880 Point Nepean Road Rosebud(PDF, 225KB)
HO463 House 12 Graydens Road Tyabb(PDF, 469KB)
HO465 Tower House 1146 Frankston Flinders Road Somerville(PDF, 175KB)


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