C219 – Neighbourhood Residential Zone

This amendment seeks to ensure the Peninsula will grow in accordance with the clear parameters provided in the State and Local Planning Policy and the Shire’s adopted Housing and Settlement Strategy.

The Housing and Settlement Strategy outlines clear directives to govern future residential growth over the next 15 years, including but not limited to:

  • Contain future residential development within established township/urban growth boundaries;
  • Protect neighbourhood character and liveability within existing townships; and
  • Provide for limited new housing development in appropriate locations to meet projected demand for 9,018 dwellings by 2031.

Council is yet to hear back from the Minister regarding this amendment.

This amendment is in response to the several changes by the Minister for Planning to the suite of residential zones via Amendment VC110 that was gazetted on 27 March 2017. The Minister increased the permissible height of houses in both the NRZ from 8 metres (mandatory control) and GRZ from 9 metres (discretionary control), to a height of 9 metres (up to two storeys mandatory) and 11 metres (up to three storeys mandatory) respectively. Council commenced a strong advocacy campaign to ensure the values and character of the Mornington Peninsula are protected from inappropriate development throughout the new GRZ areas of the Shire.

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