C204 - Ocean Beach Road precinct in Sorrento

This Amendment has been prepared by the Mornington Peninsula Shire Council, who is the planning authority for this Amendment.

Land Affected by the Amendment

The Amendment applies to the Ocean Beach Road precinct of Sorrento, as detailed in the map below.

C204-Map.png(PNG, 362KB)


What the Amendment Does

The Amendment introduces permanent design and development provisions over the land shown above.

The Amendment:

  • Inserts a new Schedule 28 to Clause 43.02 Design and Development Overlay (DDO28 – Ocean Beach Road Commercial Precinct).
  • Amends Planning Scheme Maps 22DDO.

Amongst other matters, the Amendment has the effect of introducing new design and development restrictions as generally summarised below (refer to DDO28 for full details):

  • A mandatory maximum building height for all development within the Ocean Beach Road precinct.
  • Specifies mandatory side and rear setbacks for development within the Ocean Beach Road precinct.
  • Requires all development to be assessed against the requirements under the relevant sub-precinct of Ocean Beach Road as detailed in the “Ocean Beach Road Commercial Precinct Sorrento Heritage Policy – For Planning Applications for Places in the Heritage Overlay - September 2015 – HLCD Pty Ltd”.

Adopted Documents

Submission Form - You may use this form to make a submission. 
Download: C204 submission form(PDF, 59KB)

Notice of Amendment - This document advises how to make a submission.
Download:  C204 Notice of Preparation(PDF, 143KB)

Explanatory Report - This report broadly explains the proposed amendment.
Download: C204 Explanatory Report(PDF, 357KB)

Instruction Sheet - This is a technical document that gives instructions about the changes to the Planning Scheme.
Download:  C204 Instructions(PDF, 13KB)

Ordinance - This is the policy clause the amendment changes that is referred to in the Instruction Sheet.
Download:  C204 DDO Schedule 28(PDF, 348KB)

Map - This document is the proposed planning scheme map change referred to in the Instruction Sheet.
Download:  C204 DDO Map 22(PDF, 286KB)

Ocean Beach Road Commercial Precinct Sorrento Heritage Policy.
Download:  Ocean Beach Road Sorrento Commercial Precinct Heritage Policy September 2015(PDF, 70MB)


Panel Report

C204 - Panel Report(PDF, 919KB)


The Amendment is currently with the Minister for Planning for Approval.

Contact Details

James Bryan - Senior Planner
Phone: (03) 5950 1982
Email: strategic.admin@mornpen.vic.gov.au