C190 - Hastings Structure Plan

This Amendment has been prepared by the Mornington Peninsula Shire Council, who is the planning authority for this Amendment.

Land Affected by the Amendment

The land affected by the amendment is the Hastings activity centre and the adjoining

residential areas, as per the Hastings structure plan and as shown on the map below.


What the Amendment does

 The amendment implements recommendations of the Hastings Town Centre Structure Plan, November 2014 by giving them statutory effect. The Structure Plan has been adopted by Council to guide future land use and development in the activity centre of Hastings.

Specifically, the amendment:

  • Amends the Municipal Strategic Statement to include the Hastings activity centre in Clause 21.13 – Local Areas.
  • Amends Clause 22.02 - Activity Centres to exclude the Hastings activity centre from the recommended design standards for major activity centres (that are already subject to separate policies) and updates the Clause with some minor, policy neutral changes.
  • Introduces a new local policy: Hastings Activity Centre Policy as Clause 22.24.
  • Introduces a new Design and Development Overlay (DDO): DDO27 – Hastings Activity Centre which introduces a mandatory maximum height control of three (3) storeys (11m) and mandatory minimum setback controls.
  • Rezones residential land nos. 4, 6, 8, 15, 17, 19 and 25 King Street; nos. 136, 140 and 144 Salmon St; and no. 2 Elizabeth St - to the Mixed Use Zone
  • Introduces the General Residential Zone – Schedule 2 (GRZ2) and applies it to residential land in Albert Street, nos. 41, 43, 45, 47, 1/49 and 2/49 Church Street; nos. 19, 1/19, 2/19, 3/19, 21 and 21A Queen Street; and properties fronting Skinner Street - to the General Residential Zone 2, to allow building heights to up to three storeys.
  • The remaining General Residential Zone 1 land in Hastings Township Centre to General Residential Zone 4 (GRZ4). This applies a maximum two storey height for all other residential areas in the Hastings Town Centre, in accordance with the structure plan.

Adopted Documents

Notice of Amendment - This document advises how to make a submission.

C190 Notice of Preparation(PDF, 75KB)

Explanatory Report - This report broadly explains the proposed amendment.

C190 Explanatory Report(PDF, 243KB)

Instruction Sheet - This is a technical document that gives instructions about the changes to the Planning Scheme.

C190 Instruction Sheet(PDF, 128KB)

Ordinance - This is the policy clause the amendment changes that is referred to in the Instruction Sheet.

C190 Clause 21.13(PDF, 673KB)

C190 Clause 22.24(PDF, 128KB)

C190 Schedule 27 - DDO27(PDF, 266KB)

Map - This document is the proposed planning scheme map change referred to in the Instruction Sheet.

C190 Proposed Zone Map(PDF, 241KB)

C190 Proposed DDO27 Map(PDF, 1012KB)

 Hastings Activity Centre Structure Plan - Report

C190 Hastings Activity Centre Structure Plan(PDF, 40MB)

Background Information

C190 Hastings Structure Plan Background Report Urban Design report Planisphere.pdf(PDF, 921KB)

C190 Maunsell Transport Report.pdf(PDF, 866KB)

Urban Entreprise Economics Report.pdf(PDF, 717KB)

C190 - Panel Report

C190 - Panel Report(PDF, 2MB)


The Amendment was adopted at the Planning Services Committee meeting held on Monday 16 October 2017.

Council has now forwarded the Amendment to the Minister for Planning for Approval.

Contact Details

Phone: 5950 1010

Email: strategic.admin@mornpen.vic.gov.au