Vegetation Removal

The Mornington Peninsula Planning Scheme provides for the protection of native and exotic vegetation.

Reasons include:

  • the Peninsula has less than 10 per cent of its original native vegetation 
  • vegetation is an important part of the landscape that makes the peninsula an attractive place to live. 

The planning scheme explains these matters in more detail and triggers a need for a planning permit in cases where there is a risk to the character of an area or environmental issues.

For further information relating to vegetation removal and the protection of vegetation on the peninsula, view the printable Vegetation Removal Planning Permit Application Pack(PDF, 187KB)

To determine if a planning permit is required for the removal of vegetation from your land: 

For more information about applying for a planning permit, please visit our About Planning section.

Planning Bushfire Provisions

On 31 July 2014 changes were introduced to all Victorian planning schemes via Amendment VC109. These changes implement reforms to the existing bushfire planning provisions.

Further information can be obtained from:

To see if the BMO applies to your property you can obtain a free online Planning Property Report.

Be sure to select the Planning Property Report, not the Bushfire Prone Areas Report which is for building requirements.

Alternatively, if you have any Shire-related questions about the bushfire planning provisions please contact the Statutory Planning Team on: 5950 1010

Indigenous Planting Guides

Refer to the Shire Nursery section (About Native & Indigenous Plants) of our website for a list of downloadable indigenous planting guides.