Advertising Signage


Advertising signs are defined in the Mornington Peninsula Planning Scheme as an advertisement and any structure built specifically to support it.

Advertising signage types include:

               Above-verandah sign                Animated sign                Bed & breakfast sign
               Bunting Sign                Businessidentification sign                Floodlit sign
               High-wall sign                Home occupation sign                Internally illuminated sign
               Major promotion sign                Panel sign                Pole sign
               Promotion sign                 Reflective sign                Sky sign


Planning Application Requirements

In addition to the standard information required for a planning application, the following is required:

  • The location of the proposed sign on the premises and the distance from property boundaries
  • The elevations above ground level and all relevant dimensions of the sign
  • The colour, content and lettering style of the sign
  • Where relevant, details of the proposed type of illumination, in or of the sign
  • Where relevant, the location and size of any existing signage including details of the signs to be retained or removed as part of the proposal
  • Plans must not include a previously endorsed stamp